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Shadow is Back!

Omg it been 6-7 months! I have missed everyone T~T

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ThreeForTheKill Sep 12, 2012

late response is late

god, the whole thing with your sister sounds like a nightmare. it's understandable that that would get you and your family down, just hope you guys can find some way to cope with it all, and I wish you guys the best. be happy shadow!!!!! :)

and fine, shadow, I won't disappear so long as there is something to come back to, even if I'm dead, which maybe I am... nobody really knows for sure

Nurarihyon19 Sep 12, 2012

no problem I may not know you in person but I still consider you a friend and i like to help out my friends if i can. Plus having experienced it myself I know how horrible it can be and how hard it is to get past it.

haha honestly i don't mind its been a long time there is lots of catching up to do!

yes there will be lots of house parties and what not. also its freshers next week and the week after which means sooooo much partying :D I cannot wait. what about you got any interesting plans coming up? 

AlexiaK51 Sep 12, 2012

love you too <3

lol status updates about what people are eating? you must've not had the right friends added xD I get all sorts of wierd and amusing updates on there

AlexiaK51 Sep 6, 2012

oh my messages actually loaded on here...

ya I remember you showing me only a pic of your foot and that's all T_T Shadow doesn't love me enough to show me a pic..........

I've been overly addicted to FB the past few weeks, especially after I made a page @[email protected] so I'm usually on there is why I try and get friends to go there to stay in contact more easily

and now it's thursday 3 days past that message xD

Nurarihyon19 Sep 5, 2012

aww I'm really sorry to hear that :( wish there was something i could do or say to help, I've been depressed before for long periods of time and its a horrible thing to have dragging you down. I'm glad you are feeling better tho, and feel free to fire away with all the questions you want haha :)

I'm living with 3 of my friends, its a rented house we are only students after all haha, but it's really nice and i am son excited for this year its going to be brilliant. Lots of my friends are renting houses nearby tho so i can just go hang out with people whenever I want which is why i love uni so much more than being at home.