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Hello ♡

I'm Shadow, living my 28 years long in a small place found in the province Gelderland, which is east of The Netherlands.

My actaully name is Tessa. but ssshhht.

My first anime were: Pokemon, Dragonballz, samurai pizza cats, Digimon, Beyblade, Yu-gi-oh. Except for the last 3 ones I was a loyal follower of those series.

Now many years later, still a fan of Pokemon and Dragonball, proud and never felt ashamed of it. Because those things... were my childhood, nostalgic things are worth to cherishing for.

For what's possible and for how much my money allowed me to, I'm also collecting merchandise from it, as Funkopops from DBZ or other category (Games,series,anime) Funkopops.

Not only that but I'm also collecting Pokestuff ( It's on hold now ), got all core/maingames, from Yellow till ultrasun/moon. Trying now to get all pokemon games which I've played on the N64. My card collections is also on hold, but that's ok.  Besides..  I have other things on priority to collect, like consoles lol.

Things I hate are: Winter, rain, cold, coffee, shrimps, octopus/squid, water, pidgeons.

Things I like: spring, Summer, wolves, Forest walks, candy, chocolate, mexican/Italian/indian food, dogs, Japan, tea, wine.


My favorite genres are: Slice of life, Horror, Psychological, Mindgames/Highstakes, Apocalypse, Dark fantasy/Dark comedy. Pets.

My favorite game: Ori and the blind forests, Bioshock, Perception.




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Steam: Shadow Walker

PSN: Meradiel

DISCORD:  Nightshade91 #2498


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Minai99 Jun 4, 2019

Hey there! Did you know that AP has a Discord, now? You're welcome to find me on there and hit me up for a chat, sometime~~~

Minai99 May 5, 2019

Hey, what's up?

PreciousEgg Mar 7, 2019

Hey there, thanks for following me! :D

Glad to see there's another hardcore pokemom fanboy on this site lol (or fangirl in your case XD)

What's your favourite pokemon? Mine's Reuniclus, I love that floating jello boy to death!

Animeking31337 Jan 25, 2019

I thought the shrub typo in your profile was great. Did not mean to upset you.

Animeking31337 Jan 24, 2019

I agree with some of your taste in anime. As well as thinking and shrubing part.