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TheANiMeCrAzY21 Aug 12, 2011

Thanks for the Welcome! :)

MagnaDemonLord90 Aug 12, 2011

Thanks, I'll check out those sites. In regards to subbed/dubbed, the jury is out on this one, since I don't really mind either one. Funny thing is I found an Elfen Lied Episode 1 video which was dubbed into Spanish, but had English subtitles. Thought it a bit odd, since they could have just subtitled it and not actually bothered with dubbing into another language.

NoCheerios Aug 11, 2011

I dunno, I could never get into something that isn't "official". Really dunno why this matters to me, just does.

noorxbean Aug 10, 2011

In Black Butler? haha romance is basically non-existent!

MagnaDemonLord90 Aug 10, 2011

Probably a long while before I'll get round to Eureka 7, but if it's good, I will let you know. Currently focusing on watching upto 3 anime at a time. So at present Elfen Lied, FMA, and I haven't decided what the third will be, probably Code Geass.

Don't prefer blockbusters that much. Not a huge rental fan, probably actually buy a few copies, at least ways I can have them permanently.