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Little Busters!

Oct 26, 2012


Okay, so for starters, I have played the original version of the visual novel, and have played through all of the available routes on that version. Now, the overall story of the visual novel is a heartwarming one, filled with many elements including friendship, hardship, and first love. In question to the anime and how it's adapting the story so far, I am a little concerned. For those of you who have played through the visual novel like I have, you will know that there will be some points within the story that will be quite challenging to adapt well into something that can be watched. 

(SPOILERS: I specifically mean the transition from Rin 2 to Refrain, which happens to be one of my favorite points within the story, so I'm definitely concerned.)

Other than that, there is also the fact that the anime has been confirmed for a 26 episode run. It makes me wonder just how much will make the cut for adaptation (There are 8 routes in the original version, and 11 in the EX version of the VN). When Clannad got an anime adaptation, it recieved 55 episodes, plus various OVAs to include extra stories as well as the routes for Tomoyo and Kyou since they were unable to be adapted into the anime due to their need of romance with the main character to progress the story. Asuming that Little Busters! will follow that same format, I can only be concerned that too many things will get compressed or cut from the adaptation. But so far, as it has only been following the common route storyline for now, I am thouroughly happy enough for the job that JC Staff has been doing, for now.


The animation is decent enough for a JC Staff anime. I know that there were a lot of disappointed fans who were expecting for Kyoto Animation to take up the anime adaptation, but things simply worked out this way. I am actually a fan of several JC Staff anime, and although the visuals aren't quite up to par with the VN, it isn't terrible either. 


Sound and music is a big thing for me when watching an anime or playing a VN. It's sort of a make or break thing for me when listening to the OP and ED themes, BGM, sound effects, and the voice acting. Fans of the VN will be pleased to know that the game's soundtrack will has returned for the anime as well as many of the game's seiyu cast. The opening theme "Little Busters!" and the ending theme "Alicemagic" performed by Rita also make a return with a remix for the anime, which definitely got me looking forward to purchasing the CD to be released on Halloween day. As a fan of the VN, I expect for the other ending themes, "Clear Weather After the Rain", "Song For Friends", "Little Busters! ~Little Jumper Ver.~" to appear in the anime, as well as the insert "Haruka Kanata".


Although people may whine and complain that the characters are just old staples that have been reused and reincarnated from the older games by Key, I tell you that I'm just fine with the characters as I found them so damn lovable! In fact, Rin is probably my favorite character of all time anywhere. Why change something that works just fine? Well, everyone has their roles to play in this story with the main focus being on the main protagonist, Riki Naoe, the main heroine, Rin Natsume, and the leader of the gang, Kyousuke Natsume. And of course, all of their friends will utilize their problems and personalities to help progress the characters in their development in someway, so just have trust in the characters and stop complaining. 


I'd give Little Busters! a solid and well deserved 10/10 as a VN player. This is easily one of my favorite visual novels of all time, and it is well deserved. But this is not a review of the VN, but of its anime adaptation. Although I did utilize my knowledge and experience of the VN in this review, I have good faith in the adaptation so far. All that is left is to sit back and watch have things play out. So, for now, I give the anime adaptation a 8.5/10. This is subject to change as the rest of the anime airs, and especially when the climax and turning point of the story is revealed. 

8/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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flaze Mar 17, 2013

Well, after seeing the preview for episode 24 out of 26, I have gained confidence in my prediction. 24 is going to be another "mission." Therefore, there is nowhere near enough room for Refrain, and Kurugaya's arc would be ridiculously rushed if it ocurred in episodes 25 and 26. The only possibility I can think of is the Rin1 arc, like I previously stated.

flaze Mar 10, 2013

@Himitsu23 It hasn't been confirmed, but it's almost guaranteed for there to be a season two. If there isn't I will rip my hair out in frustration. Like you said, there is way too much stuff to cover in the VN for 24-26 episodes. What I think is going to happen is after Kud's arc, Rin1 occurs. Then in season 2, Kurugaya, maybe some other girls, Rin2, and finally Refrain.

Himitsu23 Feb 27, 2013

A second season, you say? Hmm, I don't know what to think of that... From this point I can understand the fact that Sasami won't be having a route in the series, and the fact that Kanata's route was included in (and ended with) Haruka's. Everything was too rushed, and while I liked the flow of events so far, the producers won't have time to finish Kud's route, Yuiko's route, a part of Rin's and Refrain in 6 episodes... IMO, this should have been a 50+ episodes series. Regarding the events so far, I didn't care too much about what happened in the routes of the other heroines. After reading Little Busters, Yuiko became my all-time favorite character and her route is the only one I am interested in seeing it done right, considering the fact that she is the only one who has a True Ending (which I believe to be the ending of the entire VN), because if I recall correctly, in Refrain, Riki isn't in love with Rin. Also, judging by his and Yuiko's wish in her route, neighter of them had forgotten about their love. That is where my great expectations regarding this series lie. I have read Yuiko's route 5 times and I discovered something new every time. She is the most fascinating character ever produced by KEY, and Little Busters should be as renowned as that stupid SAO (which is extremely overrated) since LB is 1000X better in every aspect... But I guess you can't compare an action anime with a school-life, romance one. Anyway, I'm anxiously waiting to see how episode 26 will turn out, and especially how Yuiko's route will unfold.

flaze Feb 10, 2013

8 episodes left and still Kud, Kurugaya, and Rin to go. They've been giving each girl three episodes, meaning Rin's route is likely going to be in season 2 (assuming there is one. It'd be terrible if there isn't.) Kurugaya's will probably be last because of the way her arc in the VN ends. What I'm wondering is if they're going to include EX routes in S2, and whether or not they will skip Rin1 and go directly to Rin 2.

I'm also kind of disappointed at Haruka's arc. Komari's and Mio's were adapted well, but Haruka's felt a little rushed imo. Of course, her arc was one of my favorites so that might be why I'm dissatisfied.

flaze Nov 18, 2012

After watching the most recent episode, I'm kind of disappointed at how they transitioned between episode 6 and 7 at the moment. Plus, the timing of the jokes isn't as good. I do agree that the VN is a 10/10. No, wait. 1000/10. I just hope the scene in refrain with just the five of them (I hope you know what I mean) is done well. It's the best scene ever.