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So this is a story all about a young boybot who is slowly but surely being turned into a vessel for a dead boy. One day his baseball decides to be the most errant plot device ever and flings itself into a house/sanatorium/hospital thing(never told me what it actually is).

Inside said sanatorium thingy he finds a young girl, who basically has either epilepsy, strokes or severe alzheimers, which makes her forget her memories every time she has an episode. They quickly become friends and have larks around the place, also there is not a single person in this place aside from them.

She takes him to her special place, which is not a metaphor, its a greenhouse where they play with marbles and have a laugh, she also finds a gun! Then tells the young boybot to kill her with it if she ever forgets who she is or who he is.

Long story short she has an episode, wanders up to a roof and trys to jump off, boybot saves her and breaks the shit out of his knee in the process. The next day he returns to her, gun in hand to shoot her like she asked, shoots up instead like they usually do in this case and its over. BUT its not, she dies anyway and has her partially complete memory thingy put into the boybot too so they both live forever together.

Story: So there not a lot, but they really go hard on the "omgerd this girl is like super ill" within two minutes and its super forced.

Animation: Considering this is from 2005 the animation and fact its in 4:3 is really concerning, but its Sunrise so not surprising.

Sound: Barely noticed it so im saying it's a-ok.

Characters: Semi-fleshed out on the MC's but lacking for the Dad and Brother, the nurse is actually the most well rounded character despite her screen time.

Overall: Not bad, could have been a lot better given what it was.

Reviewed as part of DAMC

6/10 story
3/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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