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Rimerida Aug 7, 2019

i aggre with u about steve's review in noragami

animeandwwefanDXXD Jan 12, 2018

ahhhhh nice! haha so you saw the simalarity too! :P but ahhh nice nice! :D will try to check out someday :P

and for sure yeah i think death note is one of the classics! but ahhh darn i kept forgetting to look for it!....i am tempted to watch the soul eater anime i was told was pretty good too....ahhhh only thing is getting the free time!!! haha

and ohhhh nice thats pretty cool haha yeah i prefer the cosy new years than the crazy parties nowdays too :P and ahhhh sounds nice!!! haha yeah i remember those university days....but was so packed with assingments/projects i couldn't wait for it to be over!!!! lol... wish i'd studied something else thats for sure though, studied "justice" wanting to get into the police force at the time, but when that didnt work out, really the degree was useless for anything else lol....knowing what i know now, i'd study to become a pilot or locomotive/train driver (both very well paid in my country as well, train drivers are actually paid more than most pilots actually!!!)

animeandwwefanDXXD Jan 4, 2018

Ahhhh sweet very nice!!! yeah its a great show, but yeah, imo doesn't get really,really good until about halfway in the show, but yeah maybe thats just me :P

and oh nice magnus bride seems cool! was thinking i'd seen the dude with the skeleton face somewhere before, but then realised he reminded me of barry the chopper from full metal alchemist!!!! haha!!!

but anyway yeah thats very true, even when they are even decent, they never really manage to capture the spitit of the animes so to speak...

and yeah never seen it! now i'm thinking maybe i should check it out! :D hmmmm may have to check out the local anime/dvd store :P

and happy new year!!!! did you do anything for it??? i was planning to but ultimately ended up staying at home, by the time 12pm came i was absolutely exhausted!!! but that's mostly since i went to a early new years/late xmas party with a few work friends that ended up going until 4am haha :P good fun though :D

animeandwwefanDXXD Dec 28, 2017

hey been a while again :) yeah been not too bad, busy past few days with christmas and now new years coming haha, but yeah been well :)

and ohhh sweet!!! haha yep that epic fight scene :D ling's also awesome as well!!! :D one of those charachters you don't really expect to be so powerful haha :P

and yeah finished one punch man! :D can't remember if i was talking about it to you or one of my workmates haha, but for me it only really got  really good in the second half of the anime in my the wait for season 2!!! X(  

anyway ohhh nice!! hopefully its on the netflix here :D (apparently content they put on there differs from country to country??) but yeah i remember seeing the trailer for death note haha...didn't seem half bad for me, but never ended up seeing the movie..... though i haven't seen death note the anime so can't really say....

speaking of animes turned live action, i did happen to see the dvd for the live action movie remake of "assination classroom" and man it looked horrible!!! haha no idea what the movie is actually like but yeah didn't at all look good.....though even as an anime with assasination classroom i sorta got bored of it after a couple of eps to be honest...sorta got repititive i guess :P

animeandwwefanDXXD Nov 24, 2017

luckily a friend told me not to do that back when i was watching it haha :P :D and yeah btw i finished watching one punch man!!! having it on dvd makes it so much easier to watch anything i swear haha :P but yeah after about the mid point in the show (ep 6/7) it gets realllyyy good!!!! but then at that point you realise sadly theres not much :P but yeah you defs have to be in the mood to watch an anime like that, its like an action/comedy/parody (of fight anime) all in one- but still a great show! :D looking forward to season 2 but apparantly a different anime studio (JC Staff) is animating it so no-one is really sure what its going to look like in comparison :0