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I just made an account for the sole purpose of giving this show a fair, non-pretentious review. I'm hoping it will help give people a reason to not skip out on this show. I know it's easy to be put off by all the negative reviews, but let me be the one to tell you that they mean nothing. They aren't trustworthy professionals that know the ins and outs of storytelling and writing. They're delusional trolls who only THINK that they know what they're talking about. They don't. They're victim to the primitive belief that if you don't understand something, that makes it bad. I've actually made attempts to learn how authorship works. Writing is complex and often difficult, so there are thousands of different styles to go about it. And knowing that, I look and this show and say with the utmost confidence, it's fucking great.

I love this show to death. I will admit that I've always liked history, it was my favorite subject in school. Seeing as this is a historical fantasy, there is a little bias. But there's much more to the show than its setting. Its characters are memorable and its story is very smart. Everything is written with emotion, which is a staple in isekai. People complain about how everything feels rushed, but here's the thing. This is a seasonal anime. It was made for the purpose of promoting the light novels and manga. They were given a certain amount of material to cover, and the studio just had to roll with it. Not to mention said studio is rather small and has less than 20 employees. This is why the animation has some cut corners. Being understaffed and on a tight deadline will do that. However, this isn't a constant issue. It's only noticeable during the more action-oriented scenes. Everything else looks fantastic. The art style is beautiful, very smooth and colorful. Even the not-so-good parts were given impressive handiwork to not stick out so much. There were scenes of armies battling, and you could tell they were CGI. But unlike most 3D models that are put in 2D anime, it blended in rather well. Scenes like that happened in a bird's eye view, so it had a certain flow that made it work. And for the parts where there were still-images and basic motion effects, it was a little off. But it made me remember old low budget animes like Pokémon, which kinda made me feel kind of nostalgic. It definitely could've been worse, so it's only fair to appreciate what they did right. The same goes for its storytelling and pacing. The people complaining don't understand the method the author is using. In a story like this, build-up and development is unnecessary to progress the plot. What happened before the present isn't as important because that isn't the focus. What's currently happening is what's important. Backstory is provided when necessary, and questions about the characters and what lead up to the current events is answered through flashbacks. This is called retrospective development. It's different from traditional writing, but does the job all the same. The show has a story to tell, and it tells that story with no time wasted. This works pretty damn well for a show that deals with a big world with a lot happening, but only has less than 6 hours of it to show. When a story is so character driven, it only makes sense to spend time SHOWING you the various personalities, rather than explaining the whys and hows. I don't care about stuff like when/where they were born, favorite food/color, or any pointless detail. I care about their relationships and impact on the story. Personalities, designs, those are what to look for in a character. And believe me, this show nails that. So with that said, let's get into everything that makes this show great and why I loved it so much.

The characters are a huge staple. Whether it's on the battlefield or in the bathhouse, there's so much charisma and charm in how the characters are written. The girls are all in a harem over the protagonist, Yuto. This makes sense, because it's through his actions and knowledge that lead to the prosperity of his fellow clan. Not only this, but he's just a guy who's easy to like. Very kind, but stoic when necessary. Not afraid to express himself, and most importantly, faithful. Even with a harem that's throwing themselves at him, he never forgets the person he actually loves, Mitsuki. This leads to a lot of funny moments with the cast. Various members of the harem try to seduce him, putting him in awkward situations that he gets flustered at. But when he comes out of those situations with his resolve in tact, you can't help but admire the hell out of him. I've seen people hate on Mitsuki, saying she's boring and doesn't do anything, somehow disregarding that she's in a completely different world from the cast. They say Yuto is dumb for being loyal to someone like her, which only proves that they're completely missing the point. Yuto has known Mitsuki since childhood, so he knows her the most out of anyone in the cast. She's proven to be a lot like him, seeing how kind and caring she acts towards others, especially him. Even while being separated between worlds, there wasn't a day that went by where she didn't think about him. She was constantly looking for answers about his situation and talked to him whenever they could. When on the phone with him, she always expressed her worry for his health and safety, and lamented that there wasn't anything else she could do. Someone as dedicated as her can hardly be called "boring." Yuto has a harem of women that have special powers and quirky personalities. Compared to them, Mitsuki is just a normal, ordinary girl. But in a world so crazy and different from home, that's exactly what Yuto wants. He needs a familiar face in his life, someone he knows and loves. And who better than the one person from home he misses the most? The writing can be subtle, but beautiful. And as I said before, it's very smart too. Yuto's clever and crafty nature did wonders for the story. His writing is what made a lot of the show interesting, especially the battles. It was really cool to see him use actual military strategies used by real historical figures and generals. This ranged from using the Greek phalanx to just getting close to the action and providing his troops with morale. This was all because he had his smartphone. Something like this is a small writing detail, but it goes a long way in the story, which I appreciate.

Overall, I just love how creative the story is. The use of Norse mythology and ancient tradition is a nice touch, it works really well given the setting. But above everything else, my absolute favorite part of this show is the ending. It was just really sweet and wholesome. Everyone is happy and ready for what comes next. And honestly, it had me smiling so hard I probably looked crazy. Depending on how long the story goes, I'd like to see how far along the society gets in its time period. I'm really hoping for a season 2, but in the meantime, I started reading the manga too. I'm not a big novel reader, so hopefully either one gets more material soon. In the end, everyone just needs to sit down and give this show a good watch. I guarantee you won't regret it if you let yourselves see the positives. Everyone behind this anime worked really hard to give us entertainment, so we should be grateful rather than shit on it. I hope I was able to change some minds, and I hope you all have a great day.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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Sackeey2 Aug 14, 2019

@Sega490 Wow someone is mad huh? 😁😂

Sega490 Aug 13, 2019

 Read the whole thing, clown. You aren't making a sound argument so I won't take you seriously

BritoAP Aug 11, 2019

You don't rate anime by how many people are in the studio or how much money or time they put in, you rate it by how good it is, and this anime was pure bad.

BritoAP Aug 11, 2019

Man, you are funny.