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magicdesigns27 Jun 26, 2020

At first i thought there was nothing too special about but watching season 2 was more enjoyable, a real eye opener to how good it is, my fav character is Shoto Todoroki (Ice and fire guy) what about you, what are your thoughts on bnha

xOriginalGirlx Jun 26, 2020

Hi, love your profile page :)

SirZixfyNighteye Jun 26, 2020

Hey , what are your top 3 openings ?

Mine are :

1. Highschool DxD Hero

2.  My hero academia season 4 , op 1

3. Toradora , op 1

Also , who is your favorite boy in haikyuu ?

LilyanimeLover4 Jun 26, 2020

I was kinda getting worried you were gonna dis-like me for saying I liked ten count so it was kinda cool of you...And yes I have heard of killing/stalking I haven't read or whatched it yet because I have just finished devilman crybaby and that took a lot of my courage and self thoughts for 2 weeks.But I will look into it!! :3 My first BL was Given dunno if you watch/read it but I am a HUUUUGGGGGEEEEEEE musice fan and I support BL so both of my fav things combined and it was kinda sad but really beutiful!!HOnestly though I absolutly aDoReD makas father and soul evans too :) I lost my place of Unordinary when John gets his power and fights Arlo and the other 2 B#tches (excuse my language) I didn't like Arlo because he would sometimes be a jerk but he was my favorite when he started to be good in some pionts here and there so I guess he isn't all bad..If I was in Unordinary I would slap john and say "Its time for YOU yes thats right YOU to get married to Seraphine go get a tux with her and I will meet you in the chapel!! 

extremelyboring Jun 26, 2020

Yes, I agree, though we have different favourites many of the Haikyuu characters are so unique and loveable! I am enjoying kuroko's basketball to some extent, but by episode 21 I've gotten kind of sick of it in a way but like it none the less. My favourites would be Kuroko (light blue hair) Kagami Taiga (red hair) and Aomine Daiki (dark blue hair and skin) who will be intrduced later. Tell me how you continue to like it and if you end up liking any of the other characters!

I love all the characters you mentioned, but Eren tops my list as he develops amazingly through the series, though I wasn't a huge fan of him in the first and even really start of the second. So far, I have the same feelings towards the characters as you do. Though they are so very complexed! And so is the story, it is impeccably messed up it has been keeping me interested the whole time and I cant wait to finish it. 

Thank you so much for the recommendations again! They all look wonderful.

I see you like drawing, what do you usually like to draw?