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King's Game

Jan 25, 2018

I don't usually do public reviews, but Ousama Game is a special kind of anime, and this is more of a rant than a review but whatever. At some point during writing this, I decided to not bother with trying to make it fluid and nice to read. This is a rant and you're gonna have to deal with it.

If this is too inappropriate I will remove it from public reviews, but I've toned it down a lot.

SPOILERS but it doesn't really matter if you get spoiled anyway, you're not missing out.


If you're into nonsensical bullshit then the story has everything you're looking for. Apart from being mind numbingly edgy, there's not really a lot else to the plot. The King's Game itself doesn't make any sense, and the half-assed attempt at horror had me looking at my phone for the majority of the time by only the 3rd episode. 

 I wouldn't be surprised if the writers were either complete psychopaths or absolutely high when they wrote this shit, because I can not even begin to comprehend how a human being could look at the script and think that it's okay to put it on the air.

 They tried to juggle two stories at once (because they obviously knew they weren't getting a second season), but didn't tell us when they were switching over, and of course the audience have no clue because the characters in both stories are the exact same! 

 Personally, the most infuriating thing was when someone was doing something fucked up and the background characters would say something like 'omg nooooo stoooop' and just sit and watch, and it's like ??? She's literally just one girl, there is an entire class of you, only one guy has to kick her in the pussy or something, Jesus Christ.

 And who even is this 'King'? Was he just a virus or was I not paying attention during the ending because I just wanted this piece of shit to end? Maybe it's some other stupid cliche that I didn't think of? Is he just some dickbag sitting behind some monitor, playing League of Legends on one screen and watching child murder on the other? 

 Then there was the actual text messages, which appeared on the screen for like five seconds (and why would I pause to read when I could let this nightmare end as fast as possible?) and they were like:

[No-Personality-Chan #2 must fuck Boring Guy #7 by tomorrow or I'll throw you both in an oven lol]

 And it was trying to be so dramatic like we'd actually know which characters they're talking about, like yeah, of course I fucking know who 'Aimi' is.


Let me make a list of all the characters I can mention from memory alone: 

• Bland ass protagonist harem leader who makes shit decisions (he spends a lot of time crying btw).

• Edgy girl who got sucked into a computer or some stupid shit like that.

• Hairdresser dude who totally wanted to dick down bland boy.

• Twink with the hats, who, by the way, was a fucking legend.

• Bland boy's girlfriend who's not important to the plot whatsoever.

• Evil bitch who did absolutely nothing redeemable but loved bland boy so got into heaven anyway (Apprently she was God's waifu).

• That one girl who kinda appeared in like the last episode and loved bland boy like literally every character I have mentioned above.

Each character had about as much realism as a sex bot, and I'm convinced that some of the female characters *were* sex bots in disguise, and no character seemed to give a fuck about what was going on until they were the victim apart from Nobuaki.

Animation + Sound

Low quality, but do you even really care? 

In summary, this is the worst anime I have watched all the way through, and, if this shit gets a second season, I vow to commit suicide.

1/10 story
3/10 animation
3/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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