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I go on this website for my list mainly, so don't expect a quick reply.



 Just look at his ahoge wiggle <3




My ratings are my personal opinion, and they're gonna be different to yours.


What I rate anime/manga based on:


0.5 Stars - Absolute trash

(e.g. Vampire Knight)


1 Star - Bad. That's all

(e.g. High School of the Dead)


1.5 Stars - Trashy and barely tolerable

(e.g. Love Live! Sunshine!)


2 Stars - I could stand it

(e.g. Black Rock Shooter)


2.5 Stars - Meh

(e.g. Super Lovers)


Mixed Feelings

(e.g. Elfen Lied)


3 Stars - Left a better impact than 'meh' but wasn't great

(e.g. Pandora Hearts)


Decent, however it lacked in certain plot points or during a specific arc.

(e.g. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!)


I used to like it in the past

(e.g. Sailor Moon)


3.5 Stars - Decent

(e.g. Bungou Stray Dogs)


4 Stars - Decent and I really enjoyed it.

(e.g. Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine)


4.5 Stars - Really good, but not perfect.

(e.g. Durarara!!)


5 Stars - Outstanding.


The only anime that have deserved 5 stars from me:

(including R2)



 I guess I'm a fan of shounen-ai because viewing gay guys doing gay stuff is the best.

Actually... Uhhh... My manga list is full of yaoi so I have no feckin excuse.


Just kidding, my favourite anime are Sword Art Online and Kiss x Sis

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kittua Apr 4, 2018

How could I not like him ?? I actually like Gonta more but he's my second best boy in NDRV3. 

I'm pretty defensive over my faves as well, but everytime I tried to somehow justify Komaeda everyone just strikes me as this "fangirl who doesn't now what she's talking about" so It's a lost cause. But then again what can you expect when your fave is problematic as f lol.

kittua Mar 10, 2018

Nah don't worry, I also suck at responding in time lol

I'm doing good, a little stressed but that's nothing new heh. I'm glad you're doing ok! It's always good to meet someone who likes Danganronpa, as soon I saw Kaito (I love him ;;) in your icon and Komaeda in your bio I just had to follow haha 

kittua Feb 27, 2018

Helloo! Thanks for following back. How are you? 

zala Nov 22, 2017

Hey there, did you leave a message for zazv? I'm the same guy, I changed my name.