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Webtoons that got Live Action

1 A DeadbEAT's Meal

A DeadbEAT's Meal

Kdrama Name A DeadbEAT's Meal (2012)

2 All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead

Kdrama Name All of Us Are Dead 

3 A Man's Man

A Man's Man

Kdrama Name Real Man TBA

4 Bloodhounds


5 Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap

Kdrama Name Cheese in the Trap (2016)

6 Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas

7 Connect


8 D.P


Kdrama Name D.P.

9 Delivery Knight

Delivery Knight

10 Dokgo Rewind

Dokgo Rewind

Kdrama Name Dokgo Rewind (2018)

11 Dr. Brain

Dr. Brain

12 Dr. Frost

Dr. Frost

Kdrama Name Dr. Frost (2014)

13 Dreamcide


14 Fashion King

Fashion King

15 Hell Is Other People

Hell Is Other People

Kdrama Name Strangers from Hell 

16 Island (In-Wan YOUN)

Island (In-Wan YOUN)

Kdrama Name Island 

17 Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class

 Japanese  Drama Name Roppongi Class (2022)

Kdrama Name Itaewon Class (2020)

18 Jiseul


19 Last


20 Lookism


Chinese Drama Name Lookism(2019)

21 Love Alarm

Love Alarm

Kdrama Name Love Alarm 

22 Mask Girl

Mask Girl

23 Memorist


24 Money Game (Jinsoo BAE)

Money Game (Jinsoo BAE)

Kdrama Name Money Game (2021)

25 Moving


26 My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

27 My Roommate is a Gumiho

My Roommate is a Gumiho

Kdrama Name My Roommate Is a Gumiho (2021)

28 Mystic Pop-up Bar

Mystic Pop-up Bar

Kdrama Name Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020)

29 Nevertheless


Kdrama Name Nevertheless, 

30 Odd Girl Out

Odd Girl Out

Kdrama Name The World of My 17 (2020)

31 Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader

32 Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade

Kdrama Name Orange Marmalade

33 Our Beloved Summer

Our Beloved Summer

Kdrama Name Our Beloved Summer (2021)

34 Plaza Wars

Plaza Wars

Kdama Name Plaza Wars

35 Red Cage

Red Cage

36 Rugal


37 Seasons of Blossom

Seasons of Blossom

Kdrama Name Seasons of Blossom (2022)

38 Shark


39 Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Kdrama Name Sweet Home

40 The Girl Downstairs

The Girl Downstairs

Kdrama Name Doona! (2023)

41 The Girl Who Sees Smells

The Girl Who Sees Smells

Kdrama Name The Girl Who Sees Scents(2015)

42 The Golden Spoon

The Golden Spoon

43 The Hellbound

The Hellbound

Kdrama Name Hellbound 

44 The Sound of Magic: Annarasumanara

The Sound of Magic: Annarasumanara

Kdrama Name The Sound of Magic (2022)

45 The Sound of Your Heart

The Sound of Your Heart

Kdrama Name The Sound of Your Heart (2016)

46 The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter

47 Tomorrow (Llama)

Tomorrow (Llama)

Kdrama Name Tomorrow

48 True Beauty

True Beauty

Kdrama Name True Beauty

49 Unlock My Boss

Unlock My Boss

50 Weak Hero

Weak Hero


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