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 On the internet I'm known as ScorpionMK11, thanks for reading this profile 






My most favorite genres consists of

Completely over-the-top


Mature and cute


And all sorts of well-done and graphic


I don't like dramas, nearly all drama feels forced and very awkward to me.

Of course, they are a very few exceptions, but they are really rare.

I also don't like harems without the guy picking some girl or shitty Ecchi Romcoms 


I very much love and adore visual novels, for their main romance core and with writing that sometimes shows more than any animated scene.
Although I didn't read many of them, I still like them very much and plan to read more.

Click here for my VNDB account

My top 3 most favourite visual novels so far:

1. Fate/stay night 


2. Grisaia no Kajitsu


3. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!


                                                              Really BIG fan of  universe



Regarding music, of course as a proud anime fag, I listen to kinda everything that's japanese. 

I don't necessarily pay extra attention to soundtracks in anime if it completely sucks.
I dearly treasure every great soundtrack that will coerce me to listen to it even after finishing certain Anime.

My most favorite composers:

             Hiroyuki Sawano                                                              Susumu Hirasawa



Click here for my Soundcloud account


My most favorite genres of music and their respective artists are:

Variations of JRock      

    1. Earthmind 2. The Pillows 3. TK from ling tosite sigure


Breakcore and not bat-shit crazy Lolicore 



Japenese Disco
and Future Funk 

 1. ナニダトnanidato 2. Desired 3.  悲しい ANDROID - APARTMENT¶





I completely love anime art. Its so beautiful i can't express it with words. That's one of the major things why I started to watch anime. I love beautiful and detailed animation, but I certainly do not mind watching classics. 





My most favorite characters consists of tremendously OP bastards. 


The one and only OTP




 _________________________________________________ TOP 5____________________________________________



I rate anime primarily on how I enjoyed it. 

 5. Kara no Kyoukai Series ☆
 4. Code Geass
 3. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - Egypt Arc 
 2. Fate/Zero ☆ 
(Gilgamesh properly animated with Urobuchi writing. Nuff said)
 1. Clannad After Story ☆ 
(I'm sure nothing will ever beat this)




Arigato for reading this profile!  










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frankstleBilly Apr 25, 2016

Stupid sexy Lancer. x)

qweriz Feb 20, 2016

i hate dramas 

*rates clannad 1st place*

qweriz Nov 22, 2014

lelouch sounds and looks like gay

qweriz Oct 11, 2014

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FreezingFury Aug 20, 2014

+Babica, fair COOK