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Salutations, and welcome to my page on Anime Planet.

First off I would like to say that I am an artist who is very big into both anime & cinema. Also would like to add the fact that I was diagnosed with autism since age 5, too. I do dream of pursing a career as either a filmmaker or anime artist one day. (I even have a very huge vast knowledge in both anime & cinema to add in with this description.) I did some filmmaking when I was in high school as well I still do a lot of drawing in anime stuff today (feels like it's been already a decade now) <--- little trivia about that in my life there. :D

I've started watching anime since during the late '90s when my mother showed us My Neighbor Totoro before getting into well-known titles that were airing in the U.S. such as Sailor Moon & Pokemon. By the time I've turned 13, I began to know anime more & better as well reading manga like Fruits Basket and the history was history.... :)

Some of my favorite anime titles of all time include:

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star


Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail



I also do enjoy writing film reviews (or stories) as a writer, listening to music I like, eating some good food, playing my favorite classic video games on either the PS2 or the SNES, taking cool photography in my life, and playing Magic: The Gathering with my brother. 

For cinema... my favorite films include Valerie And Her Week of Wonders, The Secret of NIMH, Repulsion, 2001: A Space Odyssey, & Inglourious Basterds... as for my favorite filmmakers include both Dario Argento & Akira Kurosawa (plus Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action, & Comedy being my favorite genres in general as well).

My Ratings System:

5/5 = masterwork (best anime/manga ever!)

4/5 = good (still like it)

3/5 = okay (average anime/manga)

2/5 = unremarkable (needs to be better than that)

1/5 = flop (worst anime/manga ever!)

Also find me on DeviantArtMUBI, & MyFigureCollection 

So far I've earned on this site are some badges and this:

But am currently taking both the 2019 Anime Watching Challenge & the 2019 Manga Reading Challenge, too. :D

Animes I'm currently watching:

+ Dororo (the 1969 original, which being re-watched)

+ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

+ The Vision of Escaflowne


Mangas I'm currently reading:

none at the moment


P.S. You're always welcome to ask or talk with me anytime since I'm always opened for good anime discussions or help, always love me good company as for meeting fellow fans out there. :)

 (Profile update under mangament soon.....)

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Kiruti Jul 31, 2020

Hey Skorpio,

Long time no see! I'm doing alright these days. Struggling to get some things back on track on my end. Really happy everything is working really good on your end. I don't mind looking at more of your art collection as well. :)

Currently haven't been watching anime a lot these days. Watching Higurashi When they Cry and Wallflower with SpanglishJC. As for games I've gotten into playing stardew valley. Kind of addicted to it haha. Haven't played any of the final fantasy games. I only played Final fantasy tactics and that's about it. I bet they are fun to play though. Also Happy Late Birthday to you and your brother as well! Wish you all the good vibes for another year \o/ :D Ooh a new car, what color is it? That must be exciting as well! I haven't been on AP much. Sorry about the late response. Really happy to see you again ~

I've watched quite a bit of horror films, which were pretty good and a few other films that were not so horror as well haha. Kind of been getting into Korean horror films lately. You should give them a shot. If you watched some horror films. Throw those titles at me. I do love watching them haha xD

So far I've watched: 

Train to Busan 2016

It's one of my favorite ones because my god it was a ride. It pulls so many emotions and the characters were so badass. 

The Wailing 2016

This one is a weird one, but it does have a lot of surprise moments in there. If it gets confusing by the end you can read a few notes to get a few things to make sense lol. It's a good watch at the very least. 

Snowpiercer 2013

I really enjoyed watching this. It builds up real fast. Not really horror, but it's sci-fi. It does have some unsettling moments in there though. The movie is in English, but it was directed by a well known Korean writer and director. 

The Woman in Black 2012

Has Daniel Radcliffe as the main character and it's fun. Not going to say much since I don't want to spoil anything haha

The Host 2006

It's a fun film to watch. It's more like a horror action film type of thing. Not bad at the very least. 

These are some of the non horror films I watched recently as well:

Kubo and the Two Strings 

I would reccomend this one. Love the characters and it's all stop motion. A lot of effort was put into this and it's story is amazing. 


This one is my favorite. Rewatched it a while ago since it was forever I haven't seen it. Characters are so adorable and everything. <3

Lawrence of Arabia 1962

This was a looong film. It was a fun film, but it did drag a little bit with the pacing for me and a lot of drama. You can see the war conflicts the main character will go through as well. 

The Handmaiden 2016

It's a drama romance movie. Man the story is great, but definietly not a family friendly film at all. Does have a scene that is a bit too much like rated R. Just tab away if that pops up lmao. It's another Korean film as well. 

The Lord of the Rings:

I watched all three films and they were so good. It was my first time watching them with friends. I really like the character interactions with Gimil and Legolas. Hilarious to watch and the story is rich. Love the costumes and everything about the films. The third film is close to my favorites. The battles were exciting and I was always on the edge of my seat waiting on what's going to happen. lol

Also don't forget

Naked wereleopards! xD

Nimeziz Jun 27, 2020

Thank you i appreciate ur comments on my page, :)

StrawberryTitan Jun 17, 2020

That's awesome. Yeah I have yet to watch Inuyasha. It's on my list but I haven't gotten to it. I'm currently watching Vinland Saga and a few other anime I still have to finish. 

StrawberryTitan May 23, 2020

Hey that's cool. Yeah, I've just been busy with online classes. I recently got into making anime edits/AMVs. Can't wait to watch more anime and read more manga when I have time this summer. Also trying to make the best of these crazy times. I'm really excited for the last Bleach anime arc that is going to be animated for next year. 

StrawberryTitan May 20, 2020

Hi there! Sorry if this username is not familiar. I used to be under the name SubstituteShinigami but decided to shut down the account due to someone harassing me constantly and making multiple accounts to purposely post hate comments on my profile. I wanted to just let you know. I have not forgotten about my followers and value the friendships I have made on here.