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Enanxn Apr 28, 2022

Bro why do i always see you playing the gender police in characters' comment sections?💀 Like, defending trans people is cool and all but at least try to do it when it comes to ACTUAL trans characters, because bruh the amount of times i saw you tell people to "cry" about a character being transgender because we were calling them "cis" when the said character is just a crossdresser is concerning lmao. You know cis gender nonconforming people/characters exist right?

you're either one of these people tryna white-knight minorities for your own ego or you're an actual trans person who is so obsessed about their trans identity that they see it everywhere and needs to annoy people just for stating canon informations about characters' gender, but whatever your case is you're just really annoying and need to learn more about gender nonconformity because i think society's gender stereotypes badly affected you into thinking everything has to always be black or white when it's way more diverse than you think.

DracoSafarius Mar 16, 2022

The author uses male language in every instance he's mentioned, so mods please put it back. Know it'll piss people off, but it's the accurate way to go

Enanxn Jan 5, 2022

Idgaf about that. I just fucking hate everything related to this stupidass game including arashi. Western fans only talking about arashi's gender identity like it's the only thing about her is annoying af. Stop thinking a person is transphobic when they hate a random trans character it's not the only thing about these characters. Also thanks for reminding me i wrote the comment under arashi's profile bc i decided to delete all the comments, likes/dislikes i did related to enst*rs on this app lol