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Eudoxia Jul 7, 2020

Hey, it's me from Mal. I found you because of the most helpful review in anime section. 

Just a quick hello, i would preferably still want to talk on mal because i'm no where near as active here as on mal and might miss your comments.

XxZeroeZxX May 17, 2020

Lol actually, I've mostly been playing Morrowind lately. Yes Morrowind, no Skyrim, not even Oblivion, 17 yr old Morrowind lololol

Its been fun as hell :D

Yeah I know, people don't seem high on Magia Record, and I mean it's not another Madoka Magica by any means, but it does provide really interesting world building for the franchise as a whole.

And your right both Accelerator and Railgun S3 r very very interesting, look forward to wrapping those up in the next month or so hopefully :)

But also the weathers been lovely lately, so I've been trying to head out take a little walk here and there, just a little more in the backwoods away f/ people lol

Hope things r still ok w/ u :)

XxZeroeZxX May 3, 2020

Heya! Sorry I've been busy lately lol

Oho, I see! Little smarty pants *pokes cheek* ^_^

Yeah thank god she was here, she went back home last week and I literally don't know what to do anymore when I'm done w/ work for the day haha

I hav managed to get somewhat back into the groove of watching anime though, I finished up Magia Record (which turned out really fascinating imo) and Somali (which turned out frustratingly uneventful), and I'm halfway caught up on the new Railgun, and half way thru the Accelerator show from a few seasons ago which I had been stalled.

I'm also enjoying this season, though I feel like everythings inevitably gonna end up getting delayed -_-

Well I'm lucky to hav her too! She's great ^_^

It did finally warm up this weekend which is nice, looking forward to Summer to kill off this stupid virus lol

Haha thats ok, there's plenty of time for relationships, u should enjoy the solitude while u can :D

XxZeroeZxX Apr 18, 2020

Lol sounds about right

What about school, r u doing online classes?

Yeah fortunately my gf has been staying w/ me for the past month since we're both working f/ home anyway, so that's been nice spending so much time w/ each other :)

I lov to cook, so I've been able to try all sorts of different recipes, and she even helps me out f/ time to time which is real fun for me ^_^

Over the past week we also watched this series Why Women Kill, to me it felt almost like a modern day soap opera, it was so over the top dramatic lol

Thats about it, oh it rendonly snowed last night, that was weird, especially since it's supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny tomorrow haha

Hav u been able to spend some time w/ anybody? :)

XxZeroeZxX Apr 13, 2020

I see, funny how that's happens

Well the art style is certainly interesting :)

And so r u! U get a *hug* ^_^

So what all r u up to in these quarantine days?