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ZeroGreninja Dec 7, 2016

Allrighty! let's see, I can recommend Durarara(great action and supernatural anime), Death Parade(More of a psychological than supernatural), and Angel Beats(has a bit of slice of life here and there, but primarily action and comedy)

ZeroGreninja Dec 6, 2016

What anime genre do you prefer? I'm mostly an action person, but I've watched anime from different genres like supernatural and drama.

Good luck with finals btw!

TheIceQueen Dec 6, 2016

Of course. Some people are so sensitive.

ZeroGreninja Dec 6, 2016

Haha I'm watching One Piece also! I'm only 70 episodes in however; still got a long way to go lol. I recently finished Samurai Champloo and Im planning to continue watching The Pet Girl of Sakurasou and Season 2 of Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans. I haven't been watching anime as much lately since I've been busy with final exams and playing Pokemon Moon.

ZeroGreninja Dec 6, 2016

Sweet! How are you? What anime have you been watching lately?