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ZeroGreninja Dec 11, 2016

Hey there! Hows it goin??

ZeroGreninja Dec 9, 2016

I'm sure you will do just fine ^^! You got this!

ZeroGreninja Dec 8, 2016

I hope I won't! I'm pretty confident I'll pass since I did really well on the past 2 projects :)

You are awesome too!

ZeroGreninja Dec 8, 2016

D'awww thanks!

Darn that's a bummer! If it makes you feel better I failed a college class twice. Not once but twice. I am currently taking it a third time.

But it'll be ok!!

ZeroGreninja Dec 8, 2016

Ok! Glad you're doing okay! But regardless I'll always be here to talk! ^_^