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VlN Dec 13, 2016


And I draw them all the freaking time when I am bored in school haha

the teachers think I am morbid


haha, i wish I could but I'm not the best at drawing from memory. :P

One time I drew a ship photo (yes, a ship photo, okay?) of these 2 creepypastas. And then at school I dropped my sketchbook and my friend picked it up for me but it flipped open to that page! I snatched it right from his hands. Sadly he saw it and he was totally freaked out. It was embarassing but also his reaction was super funny so ig it's alright! x)

VlN Dec 12, 2016

I love them all but if I had to pick.. I would pick Hoodie XD


Ooho nice, my favorite would probably be Eyeless Jack. (;

Also, what's up with all the killers. 

"Jeff the killer"

"Jane the killer"

"Nina the killer"

It's craaaazy

VlN Dec 11, 2016

Aww thank you and I know XD I love them


No problem, and thank you for following me, I'm following you back now. x)

Which character is your favorite?

ZeroGreninja Dec 11, 2016

Dang. Hope you feel better! ^_^

VlN Dec 11, 2016


I like your header. x) (Creepypastas are awesomeee)