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Welcome thus who somehow ended up wandering around my profile, nevertheless if by means of coincidence or fate! If it is because of the moderator responsibilities I have on Anime-Planet, the People industry is in my competence. Feel free to ask or inquire any change/improvement if you feel like, I am open to discussion.

Who am I? Definitely not a very seasoned anime watcher. My first anime steps began about 20 years ago (1996) while living in Argentina. I had to somehow learn spanish language as fast as I could and it couldn't be easier done than via TV! I gotta giggle like a girl now, but my daily bread were anime like Sailor Moon (oh man, I even went cosplaying Mamoru Chiba on a carnival), Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball and the legendary Kagaku Ninja-tai Gatchaman! Those days..

Anime's been put to a very long slumb since then and it returned to a huge surge cause of absolutely disgraceful movie environment. Obviously my taste changed a lot, so.. what kind of shows do I love of late? I will always favor strong female characters (not by physical force). Gimme some mysterious and constant busty plots, preferably with orgastic satisfactory endings. The graphics of the anime definitely gets me biased and I do mind listening to interesting music such as classic or moderna. On the other hand I do not mind a cheesy romance if it isn't too prolonged (Nisekoi, anyone?), soapy and cringy; even some super silly comedies can easily crack me up to tears. I try not to be reserved to new things and I love to be surprised. Alergic to shounens, overloaded cuteness, logic craters/plot armor, pineapples on pizza.

I rate strictly and easily pick on the worst parts, on average my ratings will be about a 1* star down from common rating. I save my 5* ratings for utter masterpieces. Get over it, no compromises.

I love tsundere-san from Bakemonogatari (bet you didn't expect that one, ha!), to aimlessly drive around and chit-chat about non-sense. Sorry not sorry.

Wanna be my tomodachi?! For free. Really.

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luksrac10 Apr 27, 2020

Hello, I accidentally entered your profile and I was quite surprised to learn that you have lived in Argentina, I am Argentine and it is not common to see people from my country or who have visited my country on Anime planet :)

Lori104 Oct 19, 2019

Dear Scalpelexis,

My name is Lori104 and I'm new here. And actually I don't know how to use anime planet. 

I saw your profil (which looks nice) and found out you're one of the people moderators and wanted to ask you some questons.

How can I use anime planet? Can you explaine it, please?

I tryed to read some mangas and watch some animes but I couldn't. What should I do? 

Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Venosaurka Oct 5, 2019

Ahoj, skoro před rokem jsi se mě na mém profilu zeptal, jestli jsem Čech. Moc se omlouvám, že odpovídám takhle pozdě, ale mám několik důvodů, kvůli kterým jsem nebyla schopná odpovědět dřív.  

Zerosis Jul 3, 2019

Or course any day I can help out a manga fan is a good day.

Zerosis Jul 2, 2019

You asked for isekai so here are some

konjiki Moji no tsukai 

isekai tqitei cheat


Isekai no skill taker

shinka no mi

if you want more just ask