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Hi Im Saaya..

Well, Im bad at making bio data's

So, I'll say what I think I need to say

As you know,

I like Anime's and Manga's alot (of course)

My favorite Anime's are XxXHOLIC, Tsubasa Chronicles, and Code Geass.

(Im a fan of the works of CLAMP specially XxXHOLIC and Tsubasa Chronicle)

For manga, Im a Fan of Kawashita Mizuki,

And the Best manga I've ever read is ICHIGO 100%

(Ichigo 100% is the very first manga i've ever read and its the best)

Of course, still a fan of CLAMP even in manga

I love characters that knows everything!

Like Orihaya Izaya (DRRR), Yuuko (XxXHOLIC)

And Tojo Aya (Ichigo 100%) as my dream girl


(I dont like same gender romance, dunno why and dont ask why)

My Favorite Movies are Movies produced my Studio Ghibli

I am not an "Otaku". I don't consider myself as such.

I just love watching anime and reading manga's

In short, "Im just a fan"

I like listening to AOST (Anime OST) all the time

My Top OST are.. All?

Mizuki Nana and Her songs are my "MOST FAVORITE"
(Acutally, Nana-sama is my life.) 

I love horror, psychological, mystery, and mature/adult!!

(with drama, comedy, sci-fi, romance and action given)

I HATE Shounen-ai, and Reverse Harem

(Same gender is a big no.)

Why Oz Vessalius

Basically, I just think that me and Oz are somewhat similar to each other

Up until now, Oz Vessalius is still a perfect description of me.

And my ™

"I specialize at having no specialty at all"
"Accept who you are and draw strength from that truth.
You must be worthy of yourself before you can ever be worthy of another." 


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Kico7 Oct 18, 2010

HEy.. I was just passing by, and if you like ecchi and harem, you should watch yosuga no sora of this season! It is really cool!

haruhi27 Jul 4, 2010

wOah!! ang daming info waaaaaa.. xD

ndi naman bad bio mo..!!

galing mo nga gumawa ng bio!!

icompared mo naman sakin ung sau

walang wala..  haha!! xD