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duchessliz Aug 23, 2015

You're very enthusiasic in your reviews when you love something ... but you kind of overrate things. Naruto is in my top 25 favorite anime of all time, but it's nowhere near perfect and certainly not a ten (which implies perfection...). The filler arcs should take points from the story ... which your review in no way reflected. The animation when compared to something done by PA Works (which does perfection in animation) is no where near perfect. And, although some of the soundtracks are quite good ... some are horrendous, and yet, again, your review in no way reflects that. I get that you love it. Hell, I love it too, but the reviews are meant to be for people who are wanting to know if it's worth watching. If you build up this belief that it's some godly anime to them then their expectiations for it are going to plummet and they'll lose interest. I don't mean to come off as rude (even though I probably do ...), I just felt that you needed a reminder that we aren't writing reviews for ourselves ... but rather for people who are looking for something different to watch so you should explain it's flaws while you're at it. Take my One Piece review for example: One Piece is my second favorite anime of all time but it takes fffoooooorrrever to pick up and a lot of people drop it because of that. It's not an anime for everyone and I tell people that. Heck, in my review I admit that it doesn't pick up until it's in the 60 episode range and that it's not for everyone. I don't shy away from it's imperfections, yet that's exactly what you did in your Naruto review, you shied away from its imperfections...

Saincev Jun 20, 2015

You've a nice picture & cover combo, btw. You gave a little light in my eyes.

WonderBoom Apr 27, 2015

pinkfettel says... I don't know, do you have something I could IM you with?

Uh... IM? What's that again? Internet Messaging? Yes, right here! :P

WonderBoom Apr 18, 2015

Good! Then we may get along! haha, well... hi! What would you want to talk about? hahaha~