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badkali Jun 18, 2017

Thank you very much that was helpful 

badkali Jun 18, 2017

Hi pink please how can i read a manga? Thanks 

Decox Oct 3, 2016

How long have you been watching the animes? You've got a ton of it watched

Decox May 14, 2016

Haha yeah, I'd pm you but I'm new to the site so idk how

Sianeka Apr 16, 2016

pinkfettel says...  So i'm not sure if you work for anime-planet or are just a person using anime planet, but thanks for the info on making my lists private. Though I really don't care if someone wants to take precious time out of their day to read a stupidily long and unorganized list about stuff i plan to watch. But still thank you for the info.

I'm just another member on the site, as you are, don't work for anime-planet, although the list info project is a project I'm helping with for the site's creator.  She recruits everyday members to be site mods and project helpers regularlly!  

You'd be surprised at the number of folks on the site who read lists! *smile*  Your "stupidly long and unorganized list" can give some people great ideas about new shows for them to watch and enjoy!  It's definitely not a waste of precious time to take the time to read a list someone has considered and put some time and effort into creating.