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Renai Idenshi XX

Jul 1, 2016

Single-sex society for the win!  I say sex because the characters are divided into men and women all the same and are expected to act different, so the society still basically has two main genders.  So many single-gender society manga are really weirdly backwards in that they still expect the world to opperate under the same sex/gender stereotypes, but that goes with the genre I guess.

The story revolves around a new transfer student determined to shake the school by the foundations in order to get what she (he?) wants which is the restructuring of the government to allow for same-gender couples.  So a girl (boy) in an all woman society is fighting for what equates to same-sex marriage.  Too bad we never get to see it since she falls in love with another girl (boy) and one of them is forced to become a girl in order for them to still be a couple.  This story clearly isn't very plot driven.

The characters drive the story because the reader is expected to sympathize with the main characters.  The main romance isn't even that compelling, but the love rivalry is.  The characters are great and compelling, which is good because this story would fall flat without them.

The art is good.  It was what I expected from the mangaka of Love Stage!  There's even a crossover chapter if you're interested.

I'd recommend this manga because of the anti segregation by gender message despite being in a single-sex society.  These are good characters that deserve more attention.

10/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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