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Hellooo! Welcome to my profile :) I thought it was about time I added some info about me.

I started watching anime seriously 3 years ago, but I've always loved Pokemon as a kid (I wasn't aware it was an anime until I was older haha). Since then, I've tried my best to watch all the "mainstream" anime to see what all the fuss is about, and a little non-mainstream stuff too on the side :D I've figured out that I generally love psychological thrillers, shounen, sci-fi, romance, and romantic comedies. I'm not a huge fan of sports or slice-of-life. 

My favourite anime of all-time is Fairy Tail, as it's the anime that started my obsession. I know it's not the "best" anime out there, but I love it simply because it makes me feel happy (pardon the pun). The first anime I ever watched where I knew it was an anime was Btoom! Then Death Note, then Fairy Tail :) but my first EVER anime was Pokemon indigo league :') it holds a special place in my heart.

Aside from anime, I'm OBSESSED with books. It's my goal to read at least 100 books a year. My favourite book of all time is Gone With The Wind by Margarett Mitchell. Honourable mentions include the Chronicles of Narnia, PJO, HP, Simon vs the Homosapien's Agenda, and TMI. 

I also LOVE video games, specifically Skyrim, the Danganronpa series, Civ 5, and Stardew Valley. I also started seriously gaming around 3 years ago, as that's when I first got my own laptop, so I'm pretty new to it as well and discovering new games all the time :D 

For music, I listen to artists such as the Arctic Monkeys, P!ATD, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Oral Cigarettes, Amy Winehouse, Paramore, and many more! My favourite music genres are pop/punk and rock. 

Thanks for reading this far! Feel free to follow and send suggestions for anime to watch. I'm always on the hunt for new material. 

So I've decided to list every 50th anime I've watched, but since I didn't keep track until now (oops) I'll have to start from 100.

50th anime: ?? 

100th anime: Say "I love you"

(Current) Top ten favourite anime/anime video game/manga characters: 

~Not in order apart from no.1 and 2~

1) Natsu Dragneel (FT)

2) Kokichi Oma (Danganronpa V3) 

3) Yuuta Sakurai (Recovery of an MMO Junkie)

4) Izuku Midoriya (MHA)

5) Lucy Heartfilia (FT)

6) Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa 2)

7) Fuyuhiko (Dangaronpa 2)

8) Kyoko Kirigiri (Danganronpa)

9) Tamaki Suoh (OHSHC)

10) L (Death Note)

(Current) Top six LEAST favourite characters:

1) Kirito (SAO)

2) Eclair (OHSHC)

3) Dan Straight (FT)

4) Ichiya Vanadaly (FT)

5) Hifumi (Danaganronpa)


(Current) Top ten favourite anime/manga:

~Not in order apart from no. 1, 2 and 3~

1) Fairy Tail

2) Lovely Complex!

3) Recovery of an MMO Junkie

4) Ouran High School Host Club

5) Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

6) Banana Fish 

7) Death Note

8) Orange

9) Yona of the Dawn + Zeno Arc

10) One Punch Man


  1. DGR1/THH/Danganronpa: The Animation
  2. DGR2: Goodbye Despair (via the game or manga - later stuff won't make sense without it)
  3. DGR Ultra Despair Girls (game)
  4. Alternate watching DGR3/Future and DGR3/Despair episodes, i.e. F1 -> D1 -> F2 -> D2... etc.
  5. DGR3/Hope
  6. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

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Stela Oct 23, 2018

Hi Sarabellatrixx! very belated thanks for the follow and nice to meet you!

Ismeretlenember Jun 25, 2017

Then it starts! It's epic! There will be a lot of arc!

I'm still looking for equal, because I can not find anywhere with Hungarian subtitles, but if it does not really look I'll look at it with English subtitles :D

Ismeretlenember Jun 21, 2017

Thank you :D

CATS?!I have to look at this!!!😸

How do you like Bleach?🙌

Ismeretlenember Jun 15, 2017

Have you watched something good lately?😸

Ismeretlenember Jun 15, 2017

Me toooooooooo:D i love your profile picture!