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Aerythrin Jan 15, 2017

Hi, thanks for replying to my comment on Flora. I don't know if I've heard the seiyuu before but in general I just found her voice very annoying, so I'm not sure if it's her or just the way she was told to make the character sound. ^_^

Veral42 Jul 11, 2016


Thanks a bunch for the follow, it really means a bunch to me.  I've gotten a few big updates done over the past couple months, especially to my 2015 and 2016 season lists, I'd love it if you got the chance to take a look.  As a heads up I will also likely be eating my words as soon as either the 2016 or 2015 list is done and working backwards, starting with a list for the 2014 season.

Hope you've been doing well, and I look forward to hearing from you.



TopControlx3 Apr 9, 2016

well it looks good, I will give it a try. ty my friend :)

Veral42 Apr 7, 2016


How have you been?  Hopefully the new year is treating you right thus far!  As the first quarter's worth of 2016 shows begins to die down I've started a brand new list on my profile especially for anime from this year.  The list, which will evolve throughout the course of the year as new shows are released and I finish others, includes /10 rankings and full reviews of all the shows included.  If you get the chance it would be awesome if you swung by and took a peek at my work and leave any comments or suggestions you may have for me.  Do my top shows from 2016 match yours?



bmcafee Mar 16, 2016

Thanks for your comment on my Trinity blood review.  Yes, character development did suffer in that show.  A lot of the back story was never given due to the death of Sunao Yoshida and the sudden ending of the series.  We should have been given a whole back story about how the Vampires first appeared on a Mars colony and made their way to Earth.  We should have been given the full origin story for the Crusnicks.  There was a lot more of the story that was planned, but never given to us because the series was stoppped suddenly in mid production.  Its a shame they wasted so much time on filler episodes and didn't get right into the meat of the story.  Pacing was a real issue for that show.  And yes, the animation is dated by today's standards, but I think it holds up well compared to other anime from that time.  Even with all its flaws, its still one of my favorites.