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ReviewBonfire Jun 5, 2021

Ohh more context please. What exactly about? I usualy hate simps, but if I defended one he must have a decent reason for this

ReviewBonfire May 26, 2021

"if that's normal to you then you are not normal"

context please,, what is this about?

Bakaras Jul 22, 2018

So had much luck with finding anymore zombie animes since our last chat got a lot more watch time these days. Was recently rereading my profile bad habit i don't do it enough Mo Dao Zu Shi is an intresting not many episodes out yet Chinese though just a warning know not everyone is into the Chinese stuff.

Aerythrin Jan 16, 2017

Thanks for the info. ^_^ I do appreciate it. In that case it's definitely their fault and not hers!!

LastGamer13 Jan 15, 2017

Animations never affect my overall rating, so I don't bother with accurate rating of them, but after watching 2nd episode (don't ask why I did it XD), I cannot help but to agree with you.