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Anime that might cheer you up.

This is just a bunch of anime that cheer me up, or give me a motivation to get back on my feet and try again. I get sad real easy, like surprisingly easy. I combat that with anime that cheer me up. I hope that these shows can do the same for you. Please read descriptions as some anime on this list might be like 90-10 good-bad moments and if you get sad easy too I don't want you to feel down! Please keep in mind that with some shows I'll list whether I watched the dub or the sub. I give both versions a shot and I will mention that depending on if it's relevant for my reason of including a show on the list.
1 Barakamon


This is a show about a calligrapher suffering from a lot of built up anger/sadness coming from the pressure of his career and the fear of being mundane.

He suffers with a problem that I think is very relatable to most people, including myself. The fear of not being good enough. Not as a person, not in your career. Not good enough to achieve your own ambitions. Unsure if you even have really have what can be called an ambition. 

The way our main character Seishuu Handa comes to grips with this inner termoil and grows as a person, throughout a story that also manages to stay mostly lighthearted and heartwarming. That's why I love this show and why it connects with me.

Additionally the father daughter relationship between Handa and the child Naru who likes to interrupt his work and keep him company could bring even a little bit of happiness when you really need it.

I have rewatched this show many many times. It has so many things that bring a warmth to my heart no matter how many times I rewatch it.

I happen to mostly rewatch this show as a dub, that's just my preference as I really connect with the voices and as a dub it's actually really good. The choice is yours but I think you'll probably find the english speaking dub easier to connect to as you turn your brain off for a bit. 

2 Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

While yes this is a show about basketball, for me it's synonymous with heartbreak. Slam Dunk has an excellent way of dealing with themes like depression, loneliness and the pain of heartbreak.

I came across this anime while I was suffering with a very hard break up and the main character Hanamichi made me feel a little bit better about it.

Having been in love with a girl who rejected him for someone who plays on the basketball team, Hanamichi is down in the dumps and goes through a stage of trying to move on by focusing on other people. Rejection after rejection he eventually meets Haruko who helps him spin this unhealthy way of dealing with things in a positive direction.

Despite his bitter feelings towards basketball, he gives it a try in order to impress Haruko and as his feelings grow so does his passion for the sport.

His drive for love creates a passion for basketball. 

While it may presented in a somewhat silly way due to Hanamichi's eccentric raw personality, he goes through many steps that apply to dealing with depression and loneliness.

Exploring new things and finding a passion. Turning that passion into a way to meet other people. Gaining relationships with other people and growing as a person. 

Fair warning, the dub audio is somewhat patchy in early episodes (occasional but brief cuts in audio) but I'd personally recommend you watch it because the announcer between scenes and for ad breaks always manages to cheer me up.

Every time she talks about basketball and friendship her accent makes me feel a little better.

3 Grand Blue

Grand Blue

This anime while definitely japanese, is the most australian thing I've ever seen. It's not pg, but every single second of it will make you laugh. Even the ending song of every episode.

This show is about two things. Drinking and diving. 

It's about forcing someone out of their shell and embracing their youth with friends. 

I'm in no way recommending you repeat anything you see in the show. That's not what it's for.

However, the way our main characters deal with the situations they get put in every day is absolutely hilarious.

I was actually recommended this show by a friend when I was going through a very hard time. I was so sad I was sleeping for days on end because I was so hesitantly avoiding being awake. This show made me laugh so much I got up again and stayed up so I could binge it, and I started to interact with people again because I felt like it was worth a try. 

4 Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

First things first, this is the one show I solely rewatch in Dub. That's definitely a major component of what makes me feel happy watching this show. 

Justin Cook as Yusuke Urameshi makes the character feel real and it's a voice/character that you can seriously connect with. Now there's 100% some voices in this show that are bad, but there's a lot more that are either genuinely great performances.. or incredibly funny.

For example, I'm Irish and there's a character that's clearly an american doing a really bad Irish accent. He is one of my favorite characters and I sometimes rewatch compilations of just this character to cheer up. The bad voices are funny.

An important note for this show is the first episode. It deals heavily on the topic of death and I often recommend to friends that they watch at least the first episode because if you've ever been in that kind of place mentally that's lead to suicidal thoughts it will make you cry, and then the show will continue on to make you laugh.

5 Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School

This is a gag show. It'll just cheer you up. I think that's all you need to know.

Since it's gag comedy, some of the gags will be japanese and you might not understand them. However, some of them actually worked better in english for me.

I tend to rewatch this shows dub because some such gags just make me laugh more in english.

--Do not read this part if you don't want this one joke spoiled for you--

There is a character called Mechazawa. He's clearly a robot, but because no one else acknowledges it, the only guys who do, genuinely question if they're losing their minds or just have bad eye sight.

The joke I'd like to mention comes when he his character is introduced.

Our main character is told to go to a class to meet their boss and he'll 'know him when you see him'. Upon hearing this robot man talk, the first thing that comes to his mind is 'What a nice voice he has.' and it makes me laugh every time; but it's also true. Especially in the dub, he has an especially nice voice that's interesting and soothing to hear. It stands out.

6 Nanbaka


For a show about an all male prison built up of prisoners who've lived a sad life, the characters all have a very light hearted way of living their life and their chemistry will help bring your spirits up.

I think in terms of quality the sub and dub are on par with each other (so if you're a hate dubs for no reason kind of person go ahead with what you like), but I prefer the english dub because those voices just get me. A majority of characters have a va that make every word count. Soothing, energetic, infectious. All of these things and more. To the point that when rewatching this with my partner at the time, it became a running joke to yell 'MITSURUUUU' to each other. Every word the english va speaks as that character is so memorable. What a voice. 

7 The Law of Ueki

The Law of Ueki

When you see the animation quality or you hear the va's speak through their mics, you can pretty much nail down what decade this show came out in.

In the english dub a lot of the voices are the kind of bad that I find very funny, especially when I'm really down. 

I can't guarentee you'll enjoy the show if you hate the above things, but it made me feel better on some bad days so do with it what you will.

This show has some unique systems in place that are pretty interesting to me, one of which works really well in the dub.

Whenever a character is introduced it shows a profile of them which lists their 'Favorite word' and because of this you become hyper aware of the fact that they constantly say that word. There's a boy who's favorite word is 'like' and you'd swear every time he speaks he's trying to cram that word into the sentence as many times as he can.  I think the fact that your attention is drawn to it makes you chuckle when you notice them doing it.

The power system also follows a naming scheme which I find unique. Despite the powers all being vastly different from one another, they all have a few key similarities. One of which being the naming convention 'The power to turn ---- into ----' which you'll see a lot. 

After all, our main character Kouseki Ueki is introduced as having the power to turn Trash into Trees.

I enjoy this naming convention because of the way it's applied to powers that seemingly don't make sense with it. It requires a very creative mind to apply these various abilities to that formula.

I could go on and on about what I love in this show but I think you should just try it! If it's not your thing that's okay too.

8 Kids on the Slope

Kids on the Slope

There was a point in my life that I almost didn't survive. Kids on the Slope did its best to combat that with the power of jazz and raw emotion. 

There's drama and passion. Love and hate. A mix of everything, but most importantly the essence of that passion for music and life. 

9 One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man

While being a show about super heroes, this anime deals mostly with the topic of feeling ambitionless and without purpose. A person who worked towards their dream until even that couldn't give them a sense of happiness or purpose. 

The show deals with this through both light hearted comedy and action scenes that prove to be quite motivational.

This anime is a great turn your brain off show but also has really great metaphors if that's something you want to pay attention to.

There's a particular episode about a side character I'll rewatch regularly because their feelings and words in that moment just get through to you so much. 

I enjoy the dub and sub equally. Perhaps focus on the sub if you intend to watch the Specials and Road to Hero also. Dub if you want to turn your brain off. 

10 One-Punch Man Specials

One-Punch Man Specials

These specials were just as entertaining as the main show but focus more on being light hearted and less on the action. Each special episode ends with a song sung by a particular character, and the last episode is a group song culminating all of the characters. I recommend it very much.

11 One-Punch Man: Road to Hero

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero

Road to Hero is basically a backstory look into the character of Saitama before he became who he is in the mainstory. 

If you liked the original show you should try it.

12 Welcome to the NHK!

Welcome to the NHK!

This show delves heavily into Hikikomori Syndrome and honestly serves as a sign to get your life in check and pick yourself back up when you feel like closing off from the world. If you're going through such a thing you should watch it.

13 Nanbaka 2nd Season

Nanbaka 2nd Season

The second season is a bit darker than the first but still has a lot of moments that make you laugh and feel like part of the gang.

14 March Comes in like a Lion 2nd Season

March Comes in like a Lion 2nd Season

The first season was good too, but this second season.. Oh man! It delves into some really serious topics that I've also delt with myself and I found the way they presented them to be very realistic.

While I found myself realizing that the themes they were dealing with were actually quite sad, I still went to bed every night watching an episode or two of this show to keep me from sinking into a bad state.

Despite the serious topics, I came out of each episode taking away something positive. 

There's also some light hearted moments thrown in among the show as a whole.


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