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Warning this review may contain spoilers of the anime it self. 


Queen's Blade, A Heir to The Throne.

Queen's Blade is a personal favorite but it was all about one thing: Breast, tits and bewbs.

The anime itself was the perfect part 2 of the anime. There were a lot of great moments in this series.One of them was the moment that Cattleya found out that her husband was taken capture by Aldra.

And another was Nyx, we only saw a flash of her in Season 1. And the final was the second Earl Vance realized that Maria ( his wife) went into the Queen's Blade for him.

This series was truly beautiful. And one thing where I really had to hold my tears (I was very stuck into the moment) was the fight between Tomoé and Shizuka. Couse we all know " No sacrifice no Victory" The plot in the anime was just fine

The only thing that sucked was the ending! Why is holy milk so damn powerful against demons. It would also work against me. I tell you this. 6 out of 10 for the plot.

Music: The music was almost the same as season 1. One of the new things where the endings of MeronaMenace and Airi. The opening and the new Main theme.

There was no real different. The OST's were truly great as always.

 An usual score 7 out of 10.

Development: The development was the best of all Queen's Blade series! In this season a lot happens We found out that Aldra was possessed by a demon (fallen angel). We found out that Nyx is fan of Tentacles rape. And that she was the childhood maid of Elina.

The develop was a great view into the past. And one of the most things I liked was the story about Maria. And Reina was cut out the most. Now the whole Development was for all the warriors.

7 out of 10. For the development.

Characters will not be rated because there was only one new person!

Animations:  The animations were also a bit better than Season 1. The greatest part where we would see the animations in action were the battles and of course with the Armor-Breaks. And also Funikura and you know where I'm talking about. Brrrrr I feel so sorry for Nyx. But it's not my problem!

And the Holy Poses were also included with nice animations. ( But still, I'd rather see Siggy and Nanael making the poses than Melpha) 

8 out of 10.

The develop scored the highets with the fight between Reina and Risty. And the final showdown between Reina and Aldra and the appearance of Delmore!

all counted together Queen's Blade: A Heir To the Throne scores a 7 out of a possible 10.

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6/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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