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Nov 7, 2011

I'm going to start this review by saying, "This anime could have been a lot better!" I'm not sure what happened while they were planning this really. The first trailer looked amazing and second one looked pretty good too. But when the first episode aired, nothing reflected the original video game OR the trailers that were released! Original Etna wakes up Laharl; who has been asleep in this coffin for two years. However in the anime, Flonne wakes up Laharl in a garbage dump! And this is where the story began to fall into tiny little pieces. Just minutes after Laharl wakes up, we are already introduced to the defenders of Earth, who end up becoming the Team Rocket of Disgaea. And Etna doesn't even appear until the end of the first episode! But what was really annoying, was the fact that Laharl had his 'joke' personality that he got from the Disgaea 2 video game! I was also diappointed by that they don't even show Laharl's castle! They do kind of show it, but not how you would think. Like, in episode one they show it... on fire! And they show it again in episode ten (yeah the don't get there until episode ten--the end of episode ten) but it's distroyed and charded. It does get revived but, it's just not the same feel, ya know? The vassals aren't there and it just feels... wrong. Also the ending was pretty bad. They chose to do the normal ending with a creative twist. (I found it annoying though, not creative.) First the Seraph turns Vulcanus into a frog, rather than a flower. Laharl also doesn't nessicarily fight the Seraph. Which if you saw the good ending, that was the test that the Seraph placed before Laharl; not to harm him and he shall revive Flonne as a fallen angel as her punishment. Instead, Laharl still scarifices himself (Daddy of the year didn't do much to stop him either. :/) and becomes a Prinny. Flonne comes back as a fallen angel, Etna takes over the palace, and Laharl returns to the palace to work as a Prinny. The end.

Overall I don't reccomend this series unless you're a super hard-core Disgaea fan or just want to see the crap-fest for yourself. It looked promising in the trailers but turned out to be terrible. (As with most video games turned into anime. :/)

5/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall

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