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This has got to be one of the most boring animes I have ever watched. I'm not familiar with the original story i.e. light novel or manga. However, I can honestly say that after forcing myself to go through the first 6-7 episodes this show was just plain boring.

The story revolves around a male lead (who is constantly made fun of) who refers to the student council as his harem. This joke is quite funny but is overused to the point of becoming annoying. All that happens in the story is the Student Coucil talking to each other for the full 20 minutes about unnecessary s*** to fill the void of them not doing anything during their meetings. I mean no disrespect to the writer of the show but the reliance on showing people otaku and pop culture references was not endearing to me or even comedic.

The animation was quite decent considering the imagination of the colourful characters involved.

The sound was just doing it's job nothing spectacular. I should note that I believe that the voice actors/actresses did a fantastic job portraying their crazy characters.

The limelight of the show is indeed the characters of the show. They are not your standard one-dimensional characters e.g. Mafuyu is a cute, weak looking girl...who is also a BL loving otaku. However, I sometimes felt that to set themselves apart from other anime characters this show was just forcing some of the personality traits just to be different.


I was expecting a funny show especially due to the avg ratings on anime planet. However, I found that this show sucked big time mainly due to the fact that there is NO story. I base whether I should drop an anime halfway by asking myself the question "Do I care what happens to the characters?" I do not drop anime very often and this show was strange in that I did care about the characters somewhat. But there was nothing in this show to keep me watching it. Th anime and gaming references that were thrown were actually a bit insulting to me as they were random and unnecessary and added no depth and little comedic value.

And to end this review: Did you guys notice that most of the show (like 90%) was contained in one setting? Namely the student council room. To be honest I got sick of being in that room with the characters.

I don't usually write reviews about anime as I feel that most points have been covered by other users. But when I feel this strongly about something like this I will write it out.

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
8/10 characters
2/10 overall

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