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6. Serial experiments lain

7. punie chan

8.The Melancholy of haruhi

9. Ruin Explorers

10. Gantz

age 21 I live in kentucky louisville. {Recently cut my hair short again}

Single Blond and interested in dating a gamer/anime gal around 20s that lives in louisville. "Not interested in emo's"

I enjoy Counter strike/Aces High2 spruced in with anime.

My hobbies are making midevil armors such as scale mail and chainmails watching anime and playing games. I used to live in florida and california I do hope to move back towards a beach again one day and pick back up on my surfing and beach time fun.

My favorite bands are varied. I like The pillows, Boa, Susan Vega, Classicals, ELVIS (Who doesn't love that hound?) The beach boys, and some queen. I cant come to mind of any others but thats just the edge of music that comes to my mind first.

!!!!!!!!!!(Side note)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anything in my dropped section I probably watched a good deal or all of it at a different age and time and greatly regret my choice to do so.... (Except pokemon-.-) Your lieing to yourselfs if you didn't love it when it first came popular.

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KnoxSe7eN May 28, 2010

Thank you, yeah I don't really have any anime buddies around here.

 You make medieval armor? That's pretty cool man. In High school I did a few reports on armor. I collect weapons myself, though an extremely small collection. Always been a fan of the history of weapons an armor.

Nocturnalgloria Sep 25, 2009

 Hi there, sorry for the late reply. I haven't checked this site in quite a long time.

 Toradora has been on my "want to watch" list for quite a while now. I did not give it top priority because I was told it was a bit bellow average. But I plan to watch it eventually. In the same slice of life mood, I loved Hyakko and everyone seemed to hate it while praising Lucky Star to the heavens.

I'm watching Chromed Regios, actually. Just stalled it because I was watching to many things at the same time. The English bits are absolutely hilarious, thankfully they are subbed because I cannot understand them. I like most of the characters, especially the blonde girl whose name I can't recall. The second ending theme song is absolutely gorgeous, "Yasahii uso".

By the way, have you heard about Despera? Upcoming anime done by Abe, Lain's creator. I am so looking forward to it.

Nocturnalgloria Jul 21, 2008

 Heh, it is always good to rewatch Eva. In the series, Lilith's mask was SEELE's logo, with the eyes. In "Rebuild", Lilith's mask is akin Sachiel.  It may prove relevant in later movies, actually.

DarkoDe Jul 19, 2008

My Avatar is from Kinos Journey.

Thx for the Hellsing OVA Tip, i will watch them when they are all released. 

Nocturnalgloria Jul 18, 2008

 "You are (not) alone" also changed Lilith's mask. I noticed that right away. Also, there is the very last scene with Kaworu on the moon which does go completely against the canonical order of events in the series. And "Beautiful World", the ED is simply breath taking. I did like "Fly me to the Moon" in all its many incarnations, even, but "Beautiful World"'s lyrics seem to fit Evangelion a lot better.

 I do not care for mainstream anime all that much either and I steer away from shounen drivel as much as possible. However I am following "D.Gray Man", it is enjoyable and almost filler free despite its duration.

By the way, I noticed that you have "Texhnolyze" in your plan to watch list, I am currently watching it and it worth it. As far as strong imagery and dark sci-fi go it is truly great if one does not mind the minimal dialogue and toned down colour scheme.