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Giee Aug 25, 2015


shibagirl Aug 24, 2015

Sorry that I haven't been able to speak to you for the past few days. I had been at a training camp for my boxing.

A select few of us went to London for a few days to train together for the upcoming competitions. It was both rediculously hard and fun. We had to wake up at 5am every day so that we could be on time for the training.

The funny thing is, even though we were training for a boxing competition we only did 2 hours of boxing a day. All the other time we was doing things like cross country running, swimming, biking and taking part in general fitness classes.

The whole point of the camp was not to improve our actual boxing skills but to improve on our stamina and speed. All of us who went on the trip had been doing boxin now for at least 5 years.

I only just got back this morning but this afternoon I will be going out for a meal with everyone who took part in the camp.

Kashiho Aug 24, 2015

Yo... :))) How are you my friend? :)) It's been a while.

Just wanna share, I finished watching Kiss X Sis (TV) and (OVA) it's quite good also.  Then after that.. I watched Oneechan ga Kita (around 3 mins per episode). I love Oneechan ga Kita, it's so cool and funny. Then as of now, I'm watching Tokyo Ghoul... I love it even I just watched half of first episode. I love it because it have a nice story/plot which Kiss X Sis is lacking. How about you? Hope to hear something from you too. Have a nice day bro :))

Kashiho Aug 18, 2015

Since Shinsekai Yori got many complements from you... I think I'll put it in my want to watch list (even of there's no siscon or brocon there... jk)

Just wanna share, I experience watching anime then that anime leave me questions and I don't like that :))) But I'll still give it a try... coz you said it's a masterpiece :)) Thanks.

shibagirl Aug 18, 2015

To be honest I think that Ronda would win the fight if they did fight. Yes she will be forced into using mainly kicks but they will both be aware of the fact that it is mainly kicks that can have faital impacts. There are many ways in which Ronda would be able to kick him and drive Floyd into a tight space where she would be able to punch him.

Speaking from experience, when fighting somebody noticeably stronger than yourself, you automatically try to stay away from them and so you use lots of kicks. There is one kick in particular which, in that situation, is particularly useful as it allows you to "push off" your opponent giving you space. Normally after that kick the automatic response is to use a punch known as "the superman" where you literally jump into the air and throw all of your body weight landing a devestating punch either just bellow the jaw or directly bellow the ribs. 

When people successfully pull of this move it is very unlikely that the opponent gets back up. My boxing teacher always said "if you successfully land the superman and they get back up, run away" There have been several case where people have died due to this punch, so if Ronda and Floyd did fight, personally I think that Ronda will be aiming to pull it off.

Surely Floyd would realise this and he would be forced to fight on the defensive side which would then allow Ronda to get some good punches in.