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Bimpy Aug 26, 2015

Hello ^^

Hehe,, I see - though mystery is not one genre I am too familiar with, I have seen some with mystery in it.. Even if I kind of like it as well - I have not set myself in to that particular genre when finding something to watch xD  

Well, I can try but I can't promise more than those tittles is those I really liked and I would recommend them. And not all is standing under mystery tags, but I think some of them still got some mystery in them, but then again it can be only that I think so xD . And I can see that you have seen Another, Death Note, Ghost Hunt and Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji - so I don't know what you think of those? since I have not seen any rating on them or anything else you have watched?  

But I would reccoment Shinrei Tantei Yakumo - it is awesome ! And of those I searched in my watched list in mystery I got those up: Shiki, K, Chaos; Head, Persona 4, Hamatora, Pandora Hearts - well and some others but those are the one I would recommend at first, I liked them alot.  

Well - I don't know what you think of this! I hope it could help you some to find some mystery anome that you could like ! And I would love to hear what you think of them if you see any of them.

Enjoy (I hope) ^.^

Legacy47 Aug 26, 2015


Thanks for the welcoming message really appreciate it xD

Feel free to chat to me anytime :)

Mangina Aug 26, 2015

Hello there!

There is a search feature on AP, where u can filter your searches.

Since you're asking for mystery anime specifically, I filtered on mystery and the series I've watched.

Here's my list I'd recommend: (Note that I didn't include anything not marked with mystery)

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni


Shin Sekai Yori

From the New World

Fullmetal Alchemist (both original series and brotherhood)


Death Note


Hyou-ka: You Can't Escape

Kamisama no Memo-chou


Gosick Aug 26, 2015

Hyou-ka, Gosick, Kamisama no memo-chou, another, and the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya are all good mysteries.

Kashiho Aug 26, 2015

Right now, yes. I'm watching tokyo ghoul instead of black lagoon. When I'm about to choose the next anime that I should watch whether Black Lagoon or Tokyo Ghoul... Tokyo Ghoul caught my eye and I don't know why. :)) After I watch Tokyo Ghoul, I'll watch another anime (maybe comedy but I hope it satisfy me unlike the kiss x sis) then I'll watch Black Lagoon. :))