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What?! No anime ratings?

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Bimpy Aug 31, 2015

Hello hello ^^


Oh, then I must have seen wrong on your watched list xP SORRY. BUT , Shinrei Tantei Yakumo is awesome, so hope you like it as well :D Ah, Shiki - enjoy it.. It is good ^^


BUT it is on anime I follow at the moment, it is a ongoing show, on ep 8 at this time - Ranpo Kitan: Game of L aplace <- so far it is good, though since it's not done yet I can't recommend it 100% (since the storys end is also alot about the big picture of it) but I do have big expectations of it :) , but it is a mystery - that is why I wanted to tell you about it.  The same goes for Rokka no Yuusha (ongoing, at the time only 9 ep out) - though it is a little on the slow pase side to get to the point or I'm just too curious about the answer xD

Makudo333 Aug 30, 2015

Jungle? Thats´fun  and cool because this is together with the toplane my by far worst role.I am an ADC and then support main. Favorite champions are Lucian / Jinx and Nautilus :)  I also really love Malzahar in the midlane though.And thanks for letting me know what you think about the anime ! :)

Makudo333 Aug 29, 2015

Pretty awesome the Diamond V rank^^ What roles do you main and what are your favorite champions? But it is a pity indeed that we are on different servers but oh well^^ this game grew so really big I guess haha. And no problem for the recommendations. Just let me know how you like them when you watched them thanks :)

AKeenReader Aug 29, 2015

Copying and then pasting the same exact text on dozens of profiles is called spamming. Also, don't try to rile me up by insulting my intelligence.

DarlingRose Aug 28, 2015


thanks for the welcome. I'm still in the D's sorting what I've watched and wanna watch by tag. Check back again to see how my list changes. I've been watching new anime for years because a friend had a list here. Now it's my turn. I look forward to seeing what you've watched and want to watch. ^_^