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What?! No anime ratings?

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What?! No manga ratings?

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shibagirl Sep 4, 2015

Hey this is Abbie Chloe's best friend I've just stole her friend. Don't tell her anything that happens after after episode 10 of Eternal Summer because she hasn't watched it yet!! Xx

shibagirl Sep 3, 2015

He does look nice but I don't like his personality, I much prefer Haruka Nanase, he is the type of character who doesn't talk much but when he does he says quite a lot of meaningful lines.

Yes it is definatly an anime for girls, I doubt any boy would enjoy it. There are 6 main characters and only one of them is a girl. Although there isn't really any gay moments, obviously people want the characters to be together but in the actual anime there are no relationships in it.

I started to watch guilty crown because I had listened to a few of the songs and I really like them, they were all good. Plus one of my friends from school had already watched it and she said that it is a good anime, she just wished that it was longer.

shibagirl Sep 2, 2015

The summer did go by very quick for me too. It wasn't the best summer I've had but it was still enjoyable.

Over the holidays me and my best friend had been watching Free! and her favourite character is Rin Matsuoka so she asked me if I could draw him. It has taken me quite a while and I've still got a lot left to do, it's one of those drawings that look easy but they actually take a long time.

Sadly we don't get many large or rare wild animals in the woods near us. We get plenty of small animals like bats, rabbits, owls and the occasional fox. There used to be a small group of deer too but they dissapeared quite a while ago. I guess they left the area due to too many people disturbing them, at least there are plenty of other larger woods nearby. The woods where I live are fairly small so they will probably be better off away from people in the larger woods.

Thats one of the reasons why I read so much, it helps a lot with my exams.

shibagirl Sep 2, 2015

It's been a while since we last spoke, I've been really busy recently as school is starting again tomorrow so I have been getting ready for that.

Sorry but I have had to put a hold on the coloured drawing of Orochimaru as I am currently doing another drawing for one of my friends, I will try to get it finished soon.

Anyway, how have you been over these last few days?

Also I have got my English Litriture GCSE grade back and I ended up getting an A so I am really proud with myself.

Shershack Sep 1, 2015