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shibagirl Mar 12, 2016

I never even knew that Women's day existed. Oh well, yay women! Is there an international Men's day? I hope there is otherwise thats not really fair.

SharpenedKnives Jan 18, 2016


Not sure if you remember me, but... long time no see!

shibagirl Jan 2, 2016

It does seem like I do lots of exams but that is my fault. When we choose what subjects we wanted to study I choose several "broad" subjects meaning that they have more exams than most other subjects so we do the exams over three years.

For most subjects there are two or three exams that we have to do at the end of spring. With the "broad" subjects there are about six or seven exams to do. Because there are so many we do the exams over three years.

We are allowed to pick a maximum of four subjects to do as well as doing the compulsory subjects like: English language, English literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

In the end I picked to do four "broad" subjects (they were foreign languages, computing, general geography and contemporary arts) It just meant that I had more exams to do throughout the three years rather than doing them all at the end of spring.

shibagirl Jan 1, 2016

We don't really do much for new years in my house so me and some of my friends went out for an evening meal at a Chinese restaurant. After that we all slept over at my friends house because her parents had gone out for the evening. It was really fun, we dont often go out with each other, so it was a nice treat.

I haven't had much time to relax over the holidays because I've got my exams comming up soon so I've spent quite a lot of my free time revising. 

How did you spend your new years?

shibagirl Jan 1, 2016

Happy new year, Laurynas. I can't believe that we are in 2016 already!