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Hutai Jun 7, 2015

Here's the link to our LT anime site. You can find my translations too ;)

KonaIzumi Jun 7, 2015

I have the same though as you about on going animes before. But since I created an account here in Anime-Planet, it changed. I love now to watch on going animes because I can share my opinion of each episode with other people who is also watching it. Also, knowing you're watching it at the same time as people in Japan it makes me feel great ^^

If you can watch 5-7 on going animes, the feeling of waiting for a new episode won't be that bad, since every day you will have a new episode from a different anime ^^

What I do each season is to watch up to 7-9 on going animes and in the mean while, watch an already completed anime so I can watch as many episodes as I want ^^

KonaIzumi Jun 7, 2015

Your welcome ~ and thank you for the kind words :3

How are you? :D

Nozarashi Jun 2, 2015

Cannonball, or "Quicksilver" effect. I'm fine with the moon and all, as long as the general premise still stays in reality. I totally agree with you on those remarks you made, I kinda forgot to mention it :D

KonaIzumi May 22, 2015

(●ゝω)ノ Hi !! and welcome to A-P ~

Hope you get to find lot of new anime/manga, make lot of new friends and enjoy your stay here !!

Feel free to write me back!

Kona-chan (^_-)-☆