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Kashiho Nov 16, 2015

^^ How's life bro :))

Dollism Nov 10, 2015

Hello. I just got your message from several months ago. I apologize it took me so long to see it. I've been very busy and the few times I have been online I never really noticed the comment section down there. Five month break from anime was heart breaking.

Thank you for the welcome to the site. I have already found a couple interesting animes here I hope to try. :) I hope you've been well and I also hope you have a nice day. Thanks again.

shibagirl Oct 24, 2015

At my school we do exam practices from the age of 13 and we start doing real exams from the age of 15. Although if you are one of the youngest people in the class, like me, we do exam practices from the age of 12 and start real exams from the age of 14.

It can be quite hard being one of the youngest in the class because we end up having to do exams at a younger age. We normally do exams at the end of June so for those of use who's birthdays are after June end up doing the exams younger than everyone else.

In biology we are currently doing about homeostasis and its one of my favourite topics because I really enjoy learning about how the human body works.

Zeus Oct 12, 2015

Thanks a ton for that Welcome Note on Wall. :D