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Munna Dec 21, 2015

That is true, so how was your day? I just thought I would ask. 

Munna Dec 21, 2015

Some things that you have in your biography are a little bit relatable, so i guess thats why i liked it (sorry for the spelling errors) :)

Munna Dec 20, 2015

Hi, i like your avatar. I also like your story, thats about your self.

Jack23 Nov 24, 2015


thanks for the welcoming, I wasn't expecting that. So yeah I don't know what else to say but thanks.

Hope we can stay intouch (it's up to you if you want to) and over time become friends.    

HikariNoYami Nov 24, 2015

Hello ^_^

thank you so much for welcoming me to  Anime - planet 

im really glad to be a part of this community  and i really do enjoy being a part of somthing this good.  well one thing i do hope for is to " meet" write with other anime fans and yes maybe over time make new friendship who knows? i guess everyting is possible

 Thanks you again and im will be sure to write to you and you do the same  okay?


Greetings from HikariNoYami