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Weathering With You

Jan 26, 2020

I am sure that many people have just been waiting for this film to come out anticipating the next great movie in the career of Makoto Shinkai. Well it is out now and I am going to review it for you.

Gorgeous animation. This is a Makoto Shinkai film, what do you expect? The animation was jaw dropping at several moments within the show. Beautiful visuals and stunning shots created an excessive amount of eye candy.

However, while the animation was fantastic, the story was a little watered down; pardon the pun. After your name. I was hoping this would absolutely spellbind me, but the story and characters didn't fill the shoes they needed to. My friend said it best, the movie feels like a sequel even though it isn't one, a good sequel but not something astounding. I feel that the issue is that it simply didn't explore any issue enough to make the movie truly incredible.

Story: 5 the story of Hina and Hodaka is interesting but not incredible, it felt very predictable

Animation: 10 Spellbinding. Colors and light were fantastic

Sound: The Radwimps songs didn't dissapoint however the other portions were a little week. The voice acting was very well done.

Characters: They feel a little lacking. We know Hodaka doesn't want to go home but he never actually explains why.

Verdict: I would recommend to see it rather than buy it. The animation alone is delightful eye candy and though the plot isn't the strongest it is engaging enough to be interesting.

If you want some recommendations, your name. is the most obvious choice. If you have already seen that and want a different romantic drama that explores some touching themes, Fruits Basket would be a good choice.

5/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall

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