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Buckle up and don't get too attached to anyone or anything. You are in for quite the ride. This show was brilliant. One of few that I give a 9 or 10 to. If you are like me and you enjoy a darker show that takes convention and turns it on its head entirely then this show is for you. It may look light but it is heavy.

Story: Might I just say that the concept for this show was incredibly well done? At first I thought that the concept was going to be far too much like Stein's Gate and that it would not be original enough. No, this show is full of original ideas. How about the only power you have be dying and going back to a fixed point prior to your death? This power is explored in a brilliant way that makes for a very original story. There was one moment where I felt that the story was side lined for action but that is ok, some people just want to see a giant battle against a whale anyway.

Animation: The animation is very well done. I really liked the character designs, the lack of focus on fan service was most refreshing. The characters are far better that way. The animation is pretty solid throughout and it also has some really good moments. It isn't like your name. or Violet Evergarden but it is solid nonetheless.

Sound: This soundtrack is brilliant. It is something I could stand listening to by itself. It plays off of the mood perfectly especially the first OP.

Characters: I would give this a 10 but I felt like a few of the characters could have been flushed out a little more. The main characters however all had great back story and development. Best girl was Rem.

Other: This show takes full advantage of the length of an episode. I loved how they often dropped the credit sequence in order to use another two or three minutes of screen time. That was brilliant!

Overall: This story is brilliant. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a love of complex story lines with deep plots interspersed with some great action.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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