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Shiramine May 13, 2022

To be honest I never watched Nekomonogatari: Kuro. I guess I forgot about this part and i skipped it but I saw that is the worst rated Monogatari part on MAL. I liked Tsubasa in Bake too but I think she got better in Monogatari Series: Second Season. I watched this a few months ago but I think there wasn't as much fanservice at all.

Shiramine Apr 27, 2022

I think there is a lot good things about Hanekawa. Aside from Kizumonogatari, where she was just a fanservice, she had a lot of character development through the series (I'm just talking about the parts I watched). She seems realistic and relatable in many ways. The only thing I didn't like about her was so much fanservice.

TheNobleFenrir Apr 10, 2022

Da-Li from Queen Bee

TheNobleFenrir Apr 4, 2022

You are not the only one. She's manipulative and abbusive, I just hope the story doesn't end with her and the MC getting together, that would be the worst ending. No one deserves to be in an abbusive relationship

OsumarefromMAL Feb 3, 2022

1: Yeah the family tree is nightmare fuel, Makoto is related to every heroine except for Kotonoha, the tall chick with short hair that was caught sleeping with her boyfriend on the festival, and I believe Otome and her bully trio friends. To call the situation a Sweet Home Alabama crisis is an understatement lmao.

2: Luckily Kotonoha knocks the sh1t out of Makoto when she finds out what he was doing and presumably calls the cops on him (he forced himself on Kokoro when he visited the Katsura residence and realized that no one but Kokoro was home if I remember correctly, Makoto is such a terrible character, I really wished that in Shiny Days there was an ending where he gets locked behind bars for the rest of his life along with his disgusting father and brother)

3: Yeah, a lot of people don't like the anime either. I personally thought the original VN was good. Also interesting fact, the anime combined more or less about all the endings from the visual novel and put it into the show, except the ones where Kotonoha dies via Sekai pushing her in front of a train