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Once again I find myself re-writing this introduction. Each time it happens I find myself even further up on the Otaku-ladder with my preferences changed. This time I seem to prefer darker shoujo, even if I fear I've already seen the very best in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rose of Versailles and Oniisama E. Other than that I'm always up for something artsy or mindfuck-ish but use lighthearted fluff in-between to create something I can fall back on.

I'm a 17 year old boy from Sweden who loves his anime but also movies, music, books, spending time with friends, traveling and studying Japanese (Still a beginner but making progress). I guess the anime part is the only relevant thing over here though. Basically I feel like nothing I'll ever see will be able to top my favourite show (Revolutionary Girl Utena) but I still spend lots of time searching for anything that might; if you have any recommendations feel free to bring them on! I sometimes watch things just because they're obscure as hell and hard to find... that's it for me I guess. I love discussing anime though, as well as talking to random people so write a comment if you feel like it!

Random anime that mean something to me and why:

Revolutionary Girl Utena:

This one doesn't have any significance to me other than "It's everything I could ever want from an anime". The symbolism makes for great re-watch value; the characterization is subtle and absolutely mindblowing; the music is amazing, animation beautiful and the entire thing is just bizarre enough to completely sweep me off my feet.

Wandering Son:

I don't identify as transgendered, but nonetheless, it makes me happy just thinking about this show. It tackles the topic head-on whilst using the situation of the main character not for humour nor as an insignificant plot device but simply to tell an amazing story. A lof of transgendered characters in fiction (as well as LBGT in general) tend to be more or less offensive, or at least unappealing in one way or another. This is not the case here and I love it.

Spirited Away:

Nostalgia. I watched this with my friends when I was 7 and re-discovered it at age 15. Without Spirited Away I wouldn't be an anime fan today. I kind of feel like I'm giving it too much credit but I just can't find any reason not to love it!

Princess Mononoke:

Environmental movies... those words combined send chills down my spine. Why? Because they're generally made by people with a "nature is awesome humanity sucks" mentality who refuse to be openminded for even a second. Princess Mononoke though remains completely unbiased and emphasizes virtues and flaws of humanity and nature alike. That alone is praiseworthy in my eyes. But it's also beautifully animated and magnificently told. If an attempt was made to objecitvely decide which Ghibli movie is the best (which of course is impossible) I still feel like this one would win.


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Naga Oct 12, 2013

I randomly decided to visit some people I once chatted with... so how are you? Watched anything note worthy? Following this season? 

ShionSonozaki Aug 30, 2013

I think it must be one of those marmite type shows. Though I've heard the rebulid movies are much better so I'll definately be checking those out. Also, no matter what I end up thinking of the show, the theme song is one of the best in anime history.

I've also finally finished korra so it looks like I'll have to get myself back into anime mode for time being. Though my subjects are slowly starting to kill me. Why did I ever go for advanced higher english...

And I'm also excited because next week we have a con going on in our city so I'm looking forward to that. And, after finishing kyoko, I've decided to go to this one as fem!shizuo from Durarara! this year. Hopefully it'll turn out well ^^ My boyfriend also wants to go as Hei from Darker than Black and my other friend is going as Legolas from Lord of the Rings so hopefully that'll be a lot of fun. How goes things in Sweden? Oh, and attack on titan is almost finished so maybe I'll get motivated enough to write a review after my one for iwatobi swim club (yes, that is getting a review xD). So, make sure you get watching it as well! (attack on titan that is, not iwatobi swim club xD).

ShionSonozaki Aug 22, 2013

Trust me, it's just as much a curse as it is a blessing. While we both love anime and do agree on quite a lot of things, we also disagree a fair bit as well. In fact, that was how we met. We met online via an arguement about Sword Art Online xD How's that for a classic love story...

And apart from free, I'm mostly just following attack on titan since hetalia: beautiful world doesn't seem to be getting any new episodes right now. I'm also halfway through the legend of korra which some people see as an anime but I don't since it was written by americans and animated in korea. I'm mainly watching it because I was such a huge fan of the series it was based off of, the last airbender (marathoning all 64 epsiodes during the summer was one of the best things I ever did). That and my boyfriend has vowed to get me to watch evangelion one day with him but I just feel like I'm gonna hate it xD I've watched review after review and it just really seems like something I'd get frustrated by but it's supposedly a classic so chances are I'll end up watching it sooner or later. 

ShionSonozaki Aug 19, 2013

Well, when I left that comment, we were left on a cliffhanger and we didn't know what was going to happen but now that we've had the next episode, I can tell you that it wasn't massively dark but it did have some dark themes in it. Though, when I say dark, I mean dark for this show. Up until now, it's pretty unbelieveable how happy and light-hearted it's been.


So, epsiode 5 was a normal episode for the most part. The boys along with their female manager and homeroom teacher sponser decided to go to a group of small islands to start up a training camp. All's well till we find out one of the characters has a fear of the ocean that he's trying to hide do to something in his childhood. And they don't tell us more till episode 6. So the rest of the episode goes on as normal till the last 3 minutes when one of the characters goes out to swim in the ocean late at night despite the fact that he's a bad swimmer. Then a huge storm hits and he starts drowning and the character with the fear of the ocean runs into save him and it fades to black and the cliffhanger hits (trust me, the fanbase was FREAKING OUT.).

Epsiode 6 picks up where we left off as we see that the character (his name is Makoto, I'm sick of referring to him as 'the character' xD) who has a fear of the ocean jumps into save the other character (Rei is his name). We see that the two other boys (Haruka and Nagisa) have noticed they're missing and jump into the ocean to help the two because Makoto's past memories assault him and he freezes and slips under and begins drowning himself. Haruka manages to save Makoto and Nagisa manages to save Rei. The four manage to find each other and find out they'll have to stay on this island till morning when someone can rescue them. So they all sit down and talk about different things and then we come to Makoto's fear of the ocean.

Apparantly, when Makoto was a child, there was an old fisherman who he was good friends who gave him his old pet goldfish. However, the day after he got his goldfish, he found out that the old fisherman's boat had sank and all of the crew had died. Because of this, he desperately tried to keep his goldfish alive and was horrified when they died as well. Since then, he's been terrified of the ocean because he's terrified of dying and the people he loves dying. And the rest of the episode is just them making it back to shore and falling asleep on the beach.


It may not be hugely dark but for a show that's been nothing but light-hearted giggles all the way through, that's pretty damn heavy. And on a side note, I totally understand your friend xD My boyfriends' the same way. He says it's the worst anime ever made despite never watching an episode and high school of the dead being one of his favourite animes. I point out the hypocrisy of this statement as often as I can xD

ShionSonozaki Aug 11, 2013

Hey, remember when I said how awesome it would be if iwatobi swim club took a sudden dark turn?