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Makura no Danshi

Dec 2, 2019

If you're feeling lonely and are having a hard time sleeping, then have no fear - the Pillow Boys are here! And they are here to help you go to sleep.

And I definitely mean that because this anime is boring as hell, and it will literally put you to sleep.

Taken from the viewer's point of view, each of the 4-minute episodes (12 in all) feature a different boy that holds a flirty conversation with the viewer throughout the episode. Some of the dialogue is acutally quite nice and genuine, but most of the time it feels really creepy, especially in the later episodes.

Despite the basic and somewhat generic storytelling, the guys actually look very attractive, and have a nice, authentic feel to them. Studio feel is well known for top-notch characterizations and this series is no different.

Not much in the way of sound save for the voices and the OP, which is a decent song but nothing special. OVerall I thought the voice acting was pretty decent; some of them were really into their characters and gave genuine, smooth performances. There were no backgroung sound at all in any of the 12 episodes, which really hurt in some of them that could have warrant such effects (like in Episode 3 with feautred a mucisian playing a violin).

Because of how the series is set up and the nature of this particular genre, there was no character development at all. All the guys were flirty and somewhat creepy (some more than others), and a 4-minute run time is not enough time for true development.

Overall I say that this series did what it was supposed to do. I see the appeal for a series such as this but I'm just not in the target demographic for this type of show. While some people might enjoy this type of series and get a cheap thrill out of it, overall it felt boring and un-natural to me.

Note: This review is for Secret Santa 2019.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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