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Hello everyone! My name is Sabrina, but Sabrinarock is the username I normally go for in websites and games. I am a 16-year old female as you can see above. Currently living in Europe and I am Brazilian 🇧🇷.

I love watching anime and it all started on the 1st of January 2015. Back at the time, I was a 9-year old who knew nothing about anime or what it was. I didn't know English, still, I watched, more specifically, binge-watched an entire series of 24 episodes in a whole night. It was New Year's Eve, so there was no problem staying up at night. I did not understand a single thing about what they were saying, but I could understand the main idea by seeing their actions.

Ten days later, I searched it up in my mother tongue in the hope of having it translated into a language I could understand. Guess what? There was. All subbed in Portuguese. I rewatched it a second time and this, this was a point of no return.

Since then, I have watched many anime. I was before more of an anime than a manga fan. But now that I study in Europe, I barely have time to watch anime and at the weekends, I would surely prefer to do something that is readable, more than watchable

^-^. My upcoming plans are to watch as many anime as I can to gain more experience meanwhile enjoying it, but that will only happen in a distant future as I must pass this school year with all I’ve got.

I love Kpop, with BTS being my ultimate band in the entire world. Never have I seen something as meaningful and as fascinating as BTS’s music. You must not agree with me, everyone has things they like and dislike and this is 100% okay.

Foreign countries, other cultures, and languages are hobbies of mine alongside anime. I adore learning new languages and communicating with people whose ideas and experiences are different than mine. Experience exchanging is one of the most important things in life to me.

I don't have a preference for music. I listen to pretty much anything, unless it's country + old music, my maximum is music from the 2000s and up. ROCK and 'Light' Metal goes through my veins. Pop is always nice to dance to, EDM is cool, specially deep musics that makes me feel as if I'm floating or drowning. 

I recommend this one if you like eletronic music, cause I'm addicted to this now: 

In My Heart by Cjbeards      ( *-*)

If you want to talk to me or share ideas, feel free to do so!

Have a good day! 😄👋

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XxZeroeZxX Aug 23, 2020

Hello friend *waves*

The heat has returned here and its killing me lol

I hope u have a fan readily available *pet*

XxZeroeZxX Aug 16, 2020

Yeah it is what it is

The good news is my gf is moving in permanently starting next week, I'm always less stressed out when she's around :)

She also visited this weekend cause my parents had come to visit, so we had a fun day yesterday ^_^

We looked at some houses and walked around this nice park for a bit, it was a nice cool day for once :)

So I'm curious, what has been ur experience being a foreigner moving to Europe? R there other foreigners in ur area at all?

XxZeroeZxX Aug 10, 2020

Oh I see, I should've put two and two together lol

I actually have a good friend in Germany, my sempai from Bavaria, but she's on vacation atm in Prague, she sent me pics today, we were just chatting about it on WhatsApp :)

So u know Dutch and Portuguese and English? U hav so many talents :O

Here in the States, classes will be starting up in the next few weeks, and a lot of schools are still torn on whether they wanna do in person classes... Granted some of the schools don't hav a choice, because they just don't hav to infrastructure to do online classes

but most universities, since they obviously do hav the funding to do basically whatever they want, are by and large doing online classes

I'm a bit nervous what will happen here once the schools open up tbh...

Well my work fortunately has been pretty steady, pretty much as long as construction work is going on, theres engineering services to be done

Working from home for so long definitely sucks though, its just kinda depressing u know, cause there's like no separation from ur work and homelife at all -_-

But my gf is with me this week so its a whole lot better :)

XxZeroeZxX Aug 10, 2020

Oh I see! U must be the meme queen haha

Yeah it's going good, we're taking it very slow

We're like systematically looking at different areas and determining what criteria is really the most important, while also being mindful of budget

But I would say so far it's going well, I think we're gonna be in a good position once everything clears w/ the bank and we start moving forward in a more serious way

So r u doing like online classes now? How is that going?

XxZeroeZxX Aug 7, 2020

Hello friend :)

I apologize, I've been crazy busy and stressed out this week haha

How hav u been? ^_^