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Vashyron Jan 14, 2018

You are welcome ^_^

Vashyron Jan 14, 2018

Haha yea i am sure you would feel that way BUT! to me, you are already great Vet, so you lack some knowledges and don't have it on paper anywhere so what. Just because someone is certified doesn't make him vet yet, what makes you are full-fledged vet. Is the fire of passion in your heart.That burning feeling that drived you so far since early age,following that dream,having loving heart big enough to embrace all the animals.Knowledges can come after. That's what makes you one ^_^ 

well that's how i see it at least, but anyways :D 

Well yea, you can't be always dedicated on 100 %, we are only human beings after all, We are not perfect ^.^ Dont worry too much about it.

Noooo hahahaha :D silly ^.^  it wasn't about FB, there you can follow/add me should you want to. It was reffered to these regrets of course :DDD   

Vashyron Jan 14, 2018

Oh glad to hear that ! Well she in the best hands she could after all, you are a Vet ^_^ 

my statement pinpointed the things about having regrets not being nice at it sometimes after is gone.

So i said, You better don't follow (as following my example)  

Vashyron Jan 14, 2018

I see, i can understand that, well it doubles the cuteness in name then hm? ^_^ 

I am sure she will stay with you for a little longer. It depends on her will and her health! for example my dog when was 14 had various problems. for instance on her backs she had various bulges on her, these were apparently cancer bulges, within time these bulges cracks which must be seriously painful. And she also couldn't walk anymore, she was literary dragging her uhmm...  butt and back legs on the ground. So we had to lift her here and there. She also had problems with stomach, she couldn't hold any food anymore in her and throwed multipletimes during day which was also problematic for us, same goes for peeing and the other one, She just cant hold anything anymore. She was also moaning while calmly lying , as if in pain. We decided to take her for injection. Cause such being is living only to be in pain waiting for it to end. There was no point keeping her with us till the end. She would suffer only.  And i also remember certain degree of dementia about her. Aging is a scary thing ,very scary. 

So I¨ve heard, that the dog if he wants, he will just give in and leave us on her own. And because they are such loyal creatures, they will be suffering just to be with us. I can imagine your Nino won't have much different status, given her age. So tend to her, and mind her as much as you can, be kind to her, because believe me we were already annoyed with all the troubles, and sometime we weren't exactly nice to her. It can be very annoying...  and when she was gone, i was having regrets, that in time I did treat her like this and that.

So you better don't follow! :)  

Vashyron Jan 13, 2018

lol see, i am also idiot :D

I did reply you so long ago waiting for your reply and now i noticed i replied to my own profile hahahaha

17 years is a lot !!!!!!!!  wow, we had dog 14 years and it overlived it's own lifespawn lol. I see that sounds lovely. I like the both names a lot, But Nina more than Nino cause Nino sounds so Mexican, el Nino :D

But Nina is kawaii !!  And yuki is good, so what if he has black too, if its snow, well then the black colours would be... hmm.. defilled snow? :D anyways

I can't check the pictures :(   

it says this 

Sorry, this content isn't available right now

The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in.

why don't you just add me on FB so we save ourselfs trouble :D there we can sedn to each other whatever =) 

If you wan't if not i dont have problem. But still i am so confused about this. I never encountered such weird problem with picutres lol. I wonder why -.-