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Before I start the review I want to say that I'm a light novel reader. I read the LN and It was AMAZING, so this "anime" dissapointed me. If they made the first book into 12 episodes then I would be okay with it, but this is 2 books smashed into 12 episodes. It's too rushed, nothing much explained, most good things skipped and to be honest I'm suprised people actually liked this adaptation. Ye you didn't read the LN so you don't know how manny things you are missing but OMFG I was so mad when I watched it. 

Characters? 2/10

- Even though I LOVE everyone in LN I must say they are so blant in anime. Ye Leon was the most similiar to the one in LN but still watching him felt like something is missing. When it comes to my babies Liva and Angie... Like... Does the people who wrote the script for this hates them? Where is their personality???? Other characters are also missing things and most feel like... fake... weird. What did they did to my babies???

Animation? 5/10

- Not good, not best. I would say 'could be better' but even better animation wouldn't be able to save this "adaptation".

Story? 4/10

There is so many things missing it's unreal. I kinda admire people who actually got what is going on because even I was confused and I read the first 2 books twice. Tbh like i said up, i hope it doesn't get second season because if they did THIS to the first one, then smashing 3rd and 4th book into another 12 eps wouldn't be the brightest idea.
There is almost no story, everything is just smashed together and rushed, if it had atleast 24 eps it could be WAY better, but AAAAAAAA

4/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
4.3/10 overall

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