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AsheyBoi Jan 8, 2021

I am honestly so small minded that I completely forgot that fact lol.

Bennboy Jan 8, 2021

Hey its nice seeing new people on AP... let's be friends spoi,im Benny! 

blissinapricot Jan 8, 2021

ohh so that's why you've read more manga! i hope your wifi's working better now though! :)

shinigamiMIO Jan 8, 2021

hi, lol, ur bio is funny but cool at the same time, I don't even know what I am saying. Anyway, watcha doing?

I'm going to have online classes soon but right now, I am just reading some manga and eating my cErEaL

Anime GIF Quiz 8 - By lilmanslilman

blissinapricot Jan 7, 2021

hi, thank you for the comment and the follow! i happen to get some free time though i have a ton of school work so i'm able to watch more! but don't worry, your episodes watched will grow :) and you seem to be reading more manga instead so that's pretty cool! have a good day too :D

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