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D4RKS3NS3I Jan 7, 2021

Welp seems no one has yet to welcome you to A-P so...


Welcome to Anime-Planet! Seen you a few times on the forums heheh. Hope we can chat a bit bout anime/manga and stuff

Hit me up if you need anything!

KYUAI Jan 6, 2021

hi !! actually i've been watching anime for over a decade now and im terrible at keeping track of what i have or haven't watched, so this account is just a list of things i've watched since making it 🥺

shinigamiMIO Jan 6, 2021

Its dazai from bungou stray dogs, He is a bit of a suicidal maniac :)

shinigamiMIO Jan 6, 2021

oh, by the way, I love your profile pic, Zenitsu is amazing

shinigamiMIO Jan 6, 2021

hahaha thx for ur comment, I'd love to be friends :)

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