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Waiting in the Summer

Nov 8, 2019

Not a bad anime, but it does painfully rip off a few other anime. But ideas are finite and the more the anime industry continues to pump out new stories, the more we will see with similarities.

One thing that almost all anime has a problem with is closure. I get that they want to leave things open to entice the audience for the possibility of a season 2, but let's face it, 90% of all anime wont see a season 2. So we end up with hundreds of anime that refuse to wrap things up or put a nice little bow on the story. Many anime even leave the main story halfway done due to this. Whereas I cant stand when this happens, I can understand why it does.

This anime really made me think of the show "Stranger Things" Bear with me while I explain because my thinking may be a bit abstract. But basically the whole time I spent watching this anime, I was internally screaming "ALL THE PROBLEMS COULD BE SOLVED IF EVERYONE WOULD JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER!" I understand that would make the show much shorter and less interesting, but it still makes me cringe.

The anime isnt bad, but it doesnt offer too much of what the shows it "draws inspiration" from doesnt. I mean right from episode one, I could swear I was watching "Please Teacher" If you liked that anime, then you will probably like this one. I do wish it would have went a bit further with the alien technology aspect it touches base on. It would have helped draw the audience in a bit. I mean, that's a pretty big premise of the show that really only has a handful of instances of appearance.

6/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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